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VW Tiguan 2021 Service Maintenance Manual ➜ Tyre repair set: Checking

Tiguan 2016 ➤, Tiguan 2021 ➤, Tiguan RUS 2017 ➤, Tiguan RUS 2021 ➤  
Maintenance - Edition 12.2020  
♦ A “PERMANENT LIGHTING-UP” in conjunction with a warn‐  
ing tone, means “WARNING”, pressure loss has been detec‐  
ted, check tyre pressure and carry out calibration.  
– Switch on ignition.  
– Switch on infotainment system.  
– Press Infotainment button CAR .  
– Press Setup function button.  
– Press Tyres function button.  
– Press Set function button.  
– Press Confirm function button.  
Tyre repair set: Checking  
Depending on the equipment level, the vehicles are equip‐  
ped with a breakdown set.  
It also contains a filling bottle with tyre sealant.  
The tyre mobility set can be found in the tool bag -1- on the  
right side in the luggage compartment.  
The breakdown set includes a bottle of tyre sealant -3- and a  
compressor -2-.  
The tyre sealant in the bottle has a limited shelf life.  
The expiry date is therefore indicated on the bottle.  
– Enter expiry date in maintenance table.  
4. Descriptions of work  
Tiguan 2016 ➤, Tiguan 2021 ➤, Tiguan RUS 2017 ➤, Tiguan RUS 2021 ➤  
Maintenance - Edition 12.2020  
– If the expiry date has been reached, replace tyre sealant.  
(The tyre sealant must not be more than 4 years old).  
Window wash/wipe system and head‐  
light washer system: checking function  
Checking anti-freeze protection of fluid, topping up fluid ⇒ page  
Window wash/wipe system: check spray jet settings and adjust  
if necessary ⇒ page 135  
Windscreen wiper blades: check park position ⇒ page 136 .  
Rear window wiper blades: checking park position ⇒ page 136  
Anti-freeze: checking protection of flu‐  
id, topping up fluid if necessary  
Special tools and workshop equipment required  
♦ Refractometer -T10007A-  
♦ Refractometer -T10007B-  
In countries and regions where no frost occurs due to the local  
climatic conditions, the anti-freeze protection does not need to  
be checked.  
Read precise value for the following tests at light/dark boun‐  
dary. Using a pipette, place a drop of water on the glass to  
improve the readability of the light/dark boundary. The light-dark  
border can be clearly recognised on the “WATERLINE”.  
– Check concentration of anti-freeze additive using refractom‐  
The scale -4- of the refractometer is applicable for the anti-  
freeze protection of the window wash/wipe system.  
Mixing ratio  
Anti-freeze protection  
Genuine washer fluid  
⇒ ETKA  
1 part  
1 part  
1 part  
3 parts  
2 part  
1 part  
4. Descriptions of work  

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