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VW Tiguan 2021 Owner's Manual ➜ Air conditioning fluids

only partially available or inactive, it can also be  
checked whether these functions controlled,  
— If any part of the vehicle that bears a sticker or  
sign is replaced, a specialized workshop qualified  
accelerated or braked the vehicle in the situations  
to do so must affix an identical sticker or sign to  
the new parts in the same place. Volkswagen  
mentioned above. Depending on the equipment,  
these systems and functions can include, e.g. eg:  
recommends a Volkswagen dealer.  
— adaptive cruise control  
— Lane Departure Warning Assist  
Security certificate  
A safety certificate attached to the driver's door pillar  
informs you that at the time of production, all the  
necessary safety standards and the regulations of  
the road safety authorities of the country in question  
were met. It may also include the month and year of  
production, as well as the vehicle's chassis number.  
Observe the instructions in the instruction manual.  
— parking assistants — emergency  
brake functions  
The vehicle only records the black box data if a  
strange situation such as an accident occurs. Under  
normal running conditions, no black box data is  
recorded. Personal data such as name, gender, age  
or place of accident are not recorded either. However,  
third parties, such as police and judicial authorities,  
can link the contents of the black box with other data  
sources using specific means to do so and associate  
it with someone during the investigation of an accident.  
Improper use of the vehicle increases the risk of  
accidents and injuries.  
· Observe the legal provisions.  
· Observe the instruction manual.  
Consulting the black box data requires special  
equipment and access to the vehicle or black box. In  
addition to the vehicle manufacturer, third parties,  
such as the police and judicial authorities, who have  
the corresponding equipment can consult the  
information as long as they have access to the vehicle  
or the black box.  
Improper use of the vehicle can cause damage to  
· Observe the legal provisions.  
Volkswagen will not access, consult or process the  
black box data unless the owner of the vehicle (or in  
the case of leasing, the lessor) gives his consent, or  
unless there are contractual or legal provisions in this  
· Carry out maintenance work as prescribed.  
air conditioning fluids  
Due to the legal obligation to observe the product,  
Volkswagen is authorized to use the data for field  
analysis and for the purpose of research and quality  
improvement of vehicle safety systems. For research  
purposes, Volks wagen makes the data available to  
third parties in an anonymous form, that is, without  
the possibility of drawing conclusions about the  
Air conditioning refrigerant There  
is a sticker in the engine compartment with  
information on the type and amount of refrigerant  
used in the vehicle's air conditioning. The sticker is  
located at the front of the engine compartment, near  
the refrigerant filler neck.  
particular vehicle, nor about the owner of the vehicle  
or the lessee of the vehicle in the case of leasing.  
Warning: Only duly qualified technical  
personnel are authorized to carry out  
maintenance work on the air conditioner.  
Stickers and signs  
Type of refrigerant  
In the engine compartment and on other vehicle  
components, there are stickers and signs from the  
factory with important information for the operation  
of the vehicle.  
Type of refrigerator oil  
— Never remove these stickers and signs and protect  
cure keep them readable.  
See workshop documentation (only available  
to Volkswagen dealers).  
5 N M 0 1 2 7 6 0 A J  
Stickers and signs  
Only duly qualified technical personnel are  
· Never clean the antennas with products that are corrosive  
or contain acids.  
authorized to carry out maintenance work on the  
air conditioner.  
flammable refrigerant  
If an infotainment system is retrofitted, it must be  
compatible with the antenna amplifier fitted as standard in  
the vehicle. Otherwise, the amplifier may be damaged.  
Make sure that all components are disposed  
of correctly and never fit components disassembled  
from end-of-life vehicles or from recycling plants  
into the vehicle.  
component protection  
Air conditioning refrigerant oil The  
air conditioner is charged with refrigerant oil. The air  
conditioning compressor sign indicates the type and  
quantity of refrigerating oil used ÿ p. 389.  
Some electronic components, such as the infotainment  
system, and some control units are factory-fitted with  
a component guard.  
Component protection allows the lawful assembly or  
replacement of components and control units by a  
qualified specialist workshop. Volkswagen recommends  
a Volkswagen dealer.  
To guarantee correct and safe operation of the air  
conditioner, only duly qualified technical personnel are  
authorized to carry out maintenance work on it.  
In the following situations, component protection prevents  
factory-supplied components from unrestricted use outside  
the vehicle:  
· Never repair the air conditioning evaporator with  
disassembled parts from vehicles at the end of their  
useful life or from recycling plants, nor replace it with  
this type of parts.  
— Mounting on other vehicles, e.g. For example, after a robbery.  
— Use of components outside the vehicle.  
If a message about component protection is displayed on  
the instrument panel display or on the infotainment system  
display, visit a suitably qualified specialist workshop.  
Volkswagen recommends a Volkswagen dealer.  
infotainment system and  
you had  
The antennas for the infotainment system are mounted  
in different places in the vehicle:  
— on the inside of the rear window;  
— on the inside of the rear side windows  
you will;  
Information regarding the EU  
regulation on chemical  
substances and preparations  
— on the inside of the windscreen;  
— on the roof of the vehicle.  
The integrated antennas on the inside of the crystals are  
made of fine metal wires.  
In accordance with the European regulation on chemical  
substances and preparations REACH, Volkswagen would  
like to inform you of the substances that the vehicle could  
The antennas that are located on the inside of the crystals  
can be damaged by objects rubbing against them or by the  
use of corrosive or acid-containing products.  
This information can be found on the Internet based on  
the vehicle identification number ÿ p. 415:  
· Do not stick stickers on top of metal threads, eg. e.g.,  
in the area of the rear window.  
Information for the client  

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