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VW Tiguan 2021 Owner's Manual ➜ Head—up—Display (HUD)

Problems and solutions  
Engine coolant  
The red central warning light comes on.  
In addition, a message appears on the instrument  
panel display.  
Or: the control lamp flashes red.  
The engine coolant level is not correct or there is  
a fault in the coolant system.  
Do not continue the march!  
1. Stop the vehicle, turn off the engine, and allow it  
to cool.  
Fig. 23 On the instrument panel above the steering  
wheel: examples of indications in the Head-up-Display.  
2. Check the engine coolant level ÿ p. 341.  
The Head-up-Display projects certain information  
displays or warnings from the assistance  
systems or the infotainment system into the  
3. If the warning lamp does not go out even though  
the coolant level is correct, go to a suitably  
qualified specialized workshop. Volkswagen  
recommends a Volkswagen dealer.  
driver's field of vision.  
Switching the Head-up-Display on and off  
1. To switch the Head-up-Display (HUD) on and off,  
press the controller ÿ fig. 22.  
Head-up-Display (HUD)  
height adjustment  
To adapt the viewing angle, adjust the height of the  
Head-up-Display as follows:  
1. Sit optimally on the seat.  
2. Set the desired height of the Head-up-Display  
with the adjuster ÿ fig. 22.  
Settings in the infotainment system  
Further settings for the Head-up-Display can be  
made in the infotainment system in the vehicle  
settings menu.  
The following settings can be made:  
Fig. 22 Next to the steering wheel: Head-up-Display  
In the Display submenu :  
controller (arrow).  
— Adjustment of the luminous intensity and the color  
combination of the indications of the Head-up-  
Display. The intensity is automatically reduced as  
the ambient light decreases. The basic intensity is  
set together with the illumination of the instruments  
and controls ÿ p. 124.  
In the Contents submenu :  
— Selection of the displays to be shown on the  
Head-up-Display, e.g. For example, information  
from driver assistance systems, the traffic sign  
detection system or the navigation system. Some  
indications cannot be hidden, e.g. For example,  
Driver Information  
In the infotainment system, in the vehicle settings menu, an  
current date (eg, an urban journey). The trip data is calculated  
as an average value over sections of different lengths. Therefore,  
the actual displayed value may vary from the actual mean value.  
alternative color combination can be selected for the Head-up-  
Display for bad weather conditions, e.g. e.g. if it snows  
Switch from one indication to another  
Vehicles without multifunction steering wheel:  
1. Press the rocker  
glass cleaner.  
of the lever  
The Head-up-Display could slip out of the guide if it is  
subjected to a lot of pressure, e.g. e.g. when cleaning it.  
Vehicles with multifunction steering wheel: from  
· Never apply excessive pressure when cleaning the Head-up-  
1. Press the key  
the multifunction steering wheel.  
change memory  
Vehicles without multifunction steering wheel:  
To prevent scratches on the protective glass, never place  
objects into the outlet of the Head-up-Display.  
1. Press the key  
of the wiper lever  
Vehicles with multifunction steering wheel:  
1. Press the key  
of the multifunction steering wheel.  
Clean the Head-up-Display only with mild cleaning agents  
and a clean, soft cloth.  
memory from output  
If driving is interrupted for more than 2 hours, the memory is  
If the Head-up-Display becomes hot due to strong sunlight, the  
system may switch off automatically. The Head-up-Display  
switches back on as soon as it has cooled down sufficiently.  
Memory Since refueling  
Display and storage of trip data and consumption values  
collected. When refueling, the memory is cleared.  
The use of sunglasses with polarization filters may  
prevent the indications from being clearly seen.  
Memory Total calculation  
This memory collects trip data up to a maximum of 19 hours and  
59 minutes or 99 hours and 59 minutes, or up to a maximum of  
The unfavorable incidence of solar radiation can cause  
1999.9 km (miles) or 9999.9 km (miles). When one of these  
maximum values is exceeded, the memory is cleared. The  
maximum values vary depending on the version of the instrument  
For optimal viewing of the screen, adjust the seat and  
the height of the Head-up-Display accordingly.  
Clear trip data memories Select the memory you  
Some settings can be saved to user accounts in the  
personalization function.  
want to clear.  
and can therefore be changed automatically when changing  
user accounts ÿ p. 40.  
Vehicles without multifunction steering wheel:  
1. Press the key  
of the wiper lever  
Vehicles with multifunction steering wheel:  
Trip data indicator  
(multifunction indicator)  
1. Press the key  
of the multifunction steering wheel.  
Select directions  
In the infotainment system, in the vehicle settings menu, it is  
The trip data indicator (multifunction indicator) shows the trip  
possible to set which trip data should be displayed ÿ p. 41.  
data and values of con  
Indication Average consumption  
Depending on the vehicle's equipment, various trip data can be  
displayed. The displayed trip data depends on the current driving  
behaviour, the vehicle condition (e.g. particulate filter regeneration)  
and the sea situation  
The average fuel consumption is displayed after driving approx.  
300 meters (984 feet).  
5 N M 0 1 2 7 6 0 A J  
Trip data indicator  

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