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Power suppliers  
Power sockets in the vehicle  
Please note and  
chapter, on page 229.  
at the beginning of this ca  
Introduction to the topic  
Electrical devices can be connected to the vehicle's  
power sockets.  
Make sure that the maximum power of the sockets  
is not exceeded. The power consumption of  
The 12 volt socket only works with the ignition on.  
external devices is stated on the manufacturer's  
12 volt outlet  
Improper use of power outlets and electrical devices  
can cause fire and serious injury.  
· Never leave a child unattended in the vehicle.  
Power outlets and the devices connected to  
them can be used when the ignition is on.  
· If electrical devices get too hot, turn them off  
immediately and disconnect them from the  
Fig. 179 In the front storage compartment, at the rear  
of the center console or on the left side of the luggage  
compartment: 12-volt socket with folding cover  
(schematic illustration).  
· To avoid damage to the electrical system, do not  
Never connect electrical devices that supply  
current, such as solar panels or battery chargers,  
to 12 volt outlets to charge the 12 volt battery.  
The continuous power of all 12 volt sockets in the  
vehicle is 120 watts total ÿ pg. 229.  
· Only use electrical devices that comply with the  
applicable directives for electromagnetic  
The maximum power from each 12 volt outlet is  
180 watts total with the engine running.  
· Do not use any defective devices.  
· To prevent voltage fluctuations from  
cause damage, turn off electrical devices before  
switching the ignition on and off and starting the  
If the 12 volt outlet is used at full power for longer  
than indicated, the fuse may blow.  
· Never connect to an electrical outlet  
· Never use the 12 volt socket  
12 volt electrical devices that consume more  
power than indicated. Exceeding the maximum  
tios at full power for more than 10 minutes.  
power consumption could damage the vehicle's  
electrical system.  
· In case of maximum power, use a single 12 volt  
· Observe the operating instructions for  
electrical devices!  
The 12-volt battery slowly discharges when  
electrical devices are turned on  
with the engine off and the ignition on.  
Non-insulated devices can cause  
interference to the radio, infotainment system  
and vehicle electronics.  
5 N M 0 1 2 7 6 0 A J  
Power suppliers  
230, 115 or 100 volt socket  
power consumption of the connected devices is  
excessive or the ambient temperature is very high.  
The 230, 115 or 100 volt sockets can be used again  
after a cooling phase.  
In order to be able to use the 230, 115 or 100 volt  
socket again after the cooling phase, you must first  
unplug the plug of the connected device and then  
plug it back in. This prevents the electrical device  
from being turned on again unintentionally.  
The electrical system is under high voltage!  
· Do not spill liquids into the power outlet.  
Fig. 180 On the left side of the boot: 230, 115 or 100  
volt socket.  
· Do not plug adapters or extension cords into  
230, 115 or 100 volt sockets.  
Otherwise the integrated child lock will unlock  
and the socket will work.  
It has a maximum power of 150 watts (peaks of 300  
With the engine running, the socket is automatically  
activated as soon as a plug is inserted. If there is  
· Do not insert conductive objects, e.g. eg, a  
knitting needle, in the 230, 115 or 100 volt  
sufficient energy available, the socket can also  
continue to be used when the engine is switched off  
ÿ .  
Connecting an electrical device: open the cover  
(if present) and plug the plug into the socket as  
far as it will go to unlock the integrated child lock.  
The socket only supplies power once the child lock  
has been unlocked.  
· Do not hang heavy devices or connectors, eg.  
e.g. a power adapter, directly from the power  
· Do not connect neon lamps.  
· Only connect devices whose voltage matches  
Power socket LED indicator ÿ fig. 180  
that of the outlet to the outlet.  
LED lit green: the child lock is unlocked. The  
outlet is ready to work.  
The built-in overload cut-out function  
porada prevents those electrical devices that need  
a high inrush current from turning on. In this case,  
disconnect the power supply from the electrical  
device and retry the connection after approx. 10  
LED flashing green: The ignition is switched  
off, but there is enough energy available to  
continue supplying the socket with current for  
a maximum of 10 minutes. If the connector is  
unplugged before this time elapses, the socket  
Some devices may not function properly  
when connected to 230, 115 or 100 volt  
outlets due to lack of power (watts).  
is switched off and cannot be used again until  
the ignition is switched on again.  
LED flashing red: there is some anomaly,  
such as overcurrent shutdown or overheating.  
Shutdown due to overheating When  
the temperature exceeds a certain value, the converter  
from the 230, 115 or 100 volt sockets shuts off  
automatically. The shutdown prevents overheating  
when the  
practical equipment  

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