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VW Tiguan 2021 Owner's Manual ➜ Trunk cover

Close trunk lid  
1. Pull the cover backwards by the handle ÿ fig.  
186 1 , and hook it into the anchor (arrows).  
Do not attach any roof rack or carrier system, such  
as a bicycle rack, to the vehicle's spoiler.  
Remove trunk cover  
trunk cover  
1. If necessary, open the boot lid.  
2. Press the cover support in the direction of the arrow  
and hold it in this position ÿ fig. 187 1  
3. Pull the cover upwards and unclip the bracket ÿ  
fig. 187 1  
Depending on the equipment, once the cover has been  
removed, it can be stored under the boot floor.  
Install trunk cover  
1. Place one side of the cover into the corresponding  
side trim pocket.  
2. Press the bracket on the other side of the cover  
and hold it down.  
Fig. 186 In the luggage compartment: open the luggage compartment cover.  
3. Insert the support ÿ fig. 187 1 in the slot of the  
corresponding side trim.  
4. Release the cover bracket.  
5. Check that the cover is engaged with  
If animals or loose or improperly secured objects  
are transported on the boot cover, they could  
damage the cover and cause serious injury in the  
event of a sudden stop, sudden maneuver or  
· Never transport objects on the boot cover.  
· Never carry animals on the boot cover.  
Fig. 187 In the boot: remove the boot cover.  
Open trunk cover  
Depending on the equipment, a luggage  
If the boot cover is mounted in front of  
compartment cover can be mounted behind the  
second row of seats.  
a rear seat, could cause serious injury in the event  
of a sudden stop or accident.  
1. Pull the cover back, by the handle  
ÿ fig. 186 1 , and unhook it upwards from the side  
supports (arrows).  
· When someone is traveling in the third row seats,  
never mount the trunk cover in front of that row.  
2. Guide the cover forward by hand. To the  
doing so, the cover rolls up ÿ .  
Driving without the covers in place in the pockets  
of the boot cover can cause serious injury in the  
event of sudden braking, sudden maneuvering or  
an accident.  
Transport of objects  
· On vehicles with 7 seats, always fit the covers  
into the slots in the boot cover when the boot  
cover is removed.  
If the trunk cover is stored incorrectly, it could cause  
damage to the electrical system or the passenger  
· When storing the trunk cover, make sure  
as long as it does not come into contact with the  
12-volt battery housed in the trunk.  
If the boot cover is not fastened, it can roll up quickly  
with nothing to stop it. This can cause damage to  
the boot and boot cover.  
· Always guide the cover forwards with your hand.  
boot floor  
Trunk floor (5 seats)  
stow trunk cover  
Fig. 189 In the boot: raise the boot floor.  
Fig. 188 Under the boot floor: stow the boot cover.  
Open the boot floor  
1. Pull the boot floor out of the recess  
Depending on the equipment, once the cover has  
ÿ fig. 189 upwards, in the direction of the arrow.  
been removed, it can be stored under the boot floor  
Close the boot floor  
1. Raise the boot floor.  
1. Guide the floor carefully down ÿ .  
2. Place the boot floor in its original position.  
To create more storage space, the boot floor can  
also be adjusted in height depending on equipment ÿ  
p. 288.  
3. Place the boot cover on the support provided for  
this ÿ fig. 188.  
If the 12 volt battery is mounted in the boot, do not  
store the boot cover under the boot floor ÿ . If the  
third row of seats is to be used, store the cover  
Improper use of the boot floor can cause damage to  
the boot floor or to the boot trim.  
safely at home if necessary.  
· When closing the boot floor, always carefully guide  
it downwards without letting it fall.  
· As far as possible, always distribute the load over  
the entire boot area to avoid over-loading a single  
In the event of a sudden stop or accident, two objects could  
be thrown through the passenger compartment and cause  
serious or fatal injury or damage.  
· Do not store the boot cover unsecured in the boot.  
5 N M 0 1 2 7 6 0 A J  
boot floor  

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