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VW Tiguan Brake System ➜ Brake lines

Tiguan 2021 ➤, Tiguan RUS 2021 ➤  
Brake system - Edition 10.2020  
Brake lines  
Repairing brake lines  
⇒ f4.1.2 or use of flanging tool”, page 123  
Assembly overview - flanging tool  
With flanging tool for brake lines -VAS 6056-, a flange can be  
made on brake lines with 5 mm external pipe diameter without  
damaging the lining. This allows partial replacement of brake  
lines to save costs  
Brake lines may only be bent to max. 90°, as they otherwise  
kink or reveal deformations which constrict the line cross-sec‐  
tion to an impermissible degree.  
Preferably separate brake lines at underbody.  
The positions of the intermediate pieces must be selected so  
that they cannot chafe on moving parts.  
Do not grease spindle; merely clean with methylated spirits.  
Special tools and workshop equipment required  
♦ Flanging tool for brake lines -VAS 6056-  
♦ Brake filling and bleeding equipment -VAS 6860-  
Rep. gr.47 - Brakes - hydraulics  
Tiguan 2021 ➤, Tiguan RUS 2021 ➤  
Brake system - Edition 10.2020  
A - Flanging tool -VAS  
❑ Flanging tool -VAS  
6056/1- contains flang‐  
ing jaws -VAS 6056/6-  
B - Pipe cutter -VAS 6056/2-  
C - Brake line scraper -VAS  
❑ Grub screws (in shaft  
and at side) are adjus‐  
ted and must not be  
tampered with!  
D - Set of grips with plastic  
jaws -VAS 6056/4-  
E - Pipe bending tool -VAS  
F - Special wrench, 6 mm  
G - Clamp jaws -VAS 6056/6-  
or clamp jaws -VAS 6056/7-  
❑ -VAS 6056/6- for black  
brake lines  
❑ -VAS 6056/7- for green  
brake lines  
Instructions for use of flanging tool  
– Unbolt respective brake line from brake caliper or wheel  
brake cylinder. Catch escaping brake fluid and dispose of  
this as per regulations.  
– Cut through brake line at a suitable point (straight, freely  
accessible section) using pipe cutter -VAS 6056/2- -B-.  
– Remove section to be renewed.  
– Degrease brake line surface.  
4. Brake lines  
Tiguan 2021 ➤, Tiguan RUS 2021 ➤  
Brake system - Edition 10.2020  
– Clamp brake line -1- in set of grips -D- so that approx.  
50 mm project from plastic jaws.  
– Clamp scraper -3- into a drill and place it onto brake line.  
– At slow drill speed and with gentle pressure on brake line,  
scrape coating off brake line.  
Length of scraping is determined by stop in scraper.  
– Pull scraper off brake line and remove scrapings.  
– Remove set of grips and slide union bolt -2- onto brake line.  
– Push brake line -1- against stop -arrow- in flanging tool -A-.  
Brake line must be positioned against stop when the hexagon  
socket head bolts are tightened, or the flange will not be  
formed correctly.  
– Tighten brake line in flanging tool until brake line can no lon‐  
ger be moved. Then fold up stop -A-. Now tighten hexagon  
socket head bolts diagonally using angle screw driver -C-.  
Rep. gr.47 - Brakes - hydraulics  
Tiguan 2021 ➤, Tiguan RUS 2021 ➤  
Brake system - Edition 10.2020  
– Turn spindle -arrow- to stop into flanging tool -A-.  
– Turn spindle back again.  
– Unscrew hexagon socket head bolts in diagonal sequence.  
– Remove brake line from flanging tool, then clean and inspect  
brake line and flange.  
Briefly flush the section of brake line remaining in the vehicle:  
– Connect brake filling and bleeding unit -VAS 6860-, connect  
bleeder bottle hose to brake line flange and allow brake  
filling and bleeding unit -VAS 6860- to run briefly until a little  
of brake fluid has run through.  
– Blow out the new brake line to be inserted with compressed  
– Join brake lines -1- using connecting piece -3-.  
– Install brake line.  
– Bleed brake system ⇒ page 126 .  
4. Brake lines  

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