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VW Tiguan Brake System ➜ Hydraulic system

Tiguan 2021 ➤, Tiguan RUS 2021 ➤  
Brake system - Edition 10.2020  
Hydraulic system  
⇒ b5.3 leeding of hydraulic system”, page 127  
⇒ f5.4 or leaks”, page 128  
General notes on brake fluid  
Only use new brake fluid conforming to VW standard  
(VW 501 14).  
Brake fluid is poisonous. In addition, due to its corrosive effect  
brake fluid must not come into contact with paintwork.  
Brake fluid is hygroscopic, which means it absorbs moisture  
from the ambient air. Therefore, always store it in air tight  
Wash away spilt brake fluid using plenty of water.  
⇒ Maintenance; Booklet ; Brake and clutch system: Changing  
brake fluid  
Bleeding hydraulic system following  
standard procedure  
Bleeding the hydraulic system using brake filling and bleeding  
equipment -VAS 6860- is described.  
A pre-pressure of 2 bar is required for bleeding the ABS hy‐  
draulic unit -N55-.  
Special tools and workshop equipment required  
♦ Brake filling and bleeding equipment -VAS 6860-  
Rep. gr.47 - Brakes - hydraulics  
Tiguan 2021 ➤, Tiguan RUS 2021 ➤  
Brake system - Edition 10.2020  
♦ Tool set for brake bleeding -VAS 6564-  
♦ Ring spanner insert -VAS 6564/9-  
Carry out the following work:  
– On vehicles with 15” rims, remove rear wheels.  
Adhere strictly to work sequence when bleeding brake sys‐  
– Connect brake filling and bleeding appliance -VAS 6860-.  
– Open bleeder valves in specified order and bleed brake cali‐  
1 - Front left brake caliper  
2 - Front right brake caliper  
3 - Rear left wheel brake cylinder  
4 - Rear right wheel brake cylinder  
Use an appropriate bleeder hose. It must be firmly seated on  
the bleeder valve so that no air can enter the brake system:  
– Leave bleeder valve of each brake caliper open with bleeder  
hose fitted until brake fluid discharges free of air bubbles.  
Subsequent bleeding of hydraulic sys‐  
Re-bleeding is necessary due to the following:  
♦ brake pedal travel is too long or so-called »soft brake pedal«  
Subsequent bleeding requires the assistance of a second me‐  
5. Hydraulic system  

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