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VW Tiguan 2021 Service Maintenance Manual ➜ Tyre pressure indicator: calibrating

Tiguan 2016 ➤, Tiguan 2021 ➤, Tiguan RUS 2017 ➤, Tiguan RUS 2021 ➤  
Maintenance - Edition 12.2020  
– Close tank flap.  
After filling the reducing agent tank, switch on the ignition and  
leave it switched on for at least 30 seconds so that the system  
can detect the replenishment.  
Reducing agent (AdBlue®/DEF):  
– ⇒ 4-cylinder common rail (2.0 l, 4V, turbocharger); Rep.  
gr. 26; SCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction)  
Tyre pressure indicator: calibrating  
The calibration of the Tyre Pressure Loss Indicator must on‐  
ly be performed “after” the tyre pressure has been corrected  
to the prescribed values.  
If no pressure loss and tyre damage are found after a tyre  
pressure warning, the incorrect warning can be rectified by  
Tyre Pressure Loss Indicator compares the speed and thus  
the rolling circumference and vibrations of the individual wheels  
via the ABS sensors. If the tyre pressure changes on one or  
several wheels, the Tyre Pressure Loss Indicator will indicate  
this in the dash panel insert and the Infotainment system.  
The rolling circumference of tyre changes if:  
♦ The tyre pressure is too low.  
♦ The tyre has structural damage.  
♦ The vehicle is loaded more heavily on one side.  
♦ The wheels on one axle are loaded more heavily (e.g. when  
towing a trailer or when driving in mountains).  
♦ Snow chains are fitted.  
♦ The temporary spare wheel is fitted.  
♦ One wheel per axle has been changed.  
The tyre pressure monitoring warning lamp has a yellow warn‐  
ing lamp in the dash panel insert -arrow-.  
4. Descriptions of work  
Tiguan 2016 ➤, Tiguan 2021 ➤, Tiguan RUS 2017 ➤, Tiguan RUS 2021 ➤  
Maintenance - Edition 12.2020  
♦ A “PERMANENT LIGHTING-UP” in conjunction with a warn‐  
ing tone, means “WARNING”, pressure loss has been detec‐  
ted, check tyre pressure and carry out calibration.  
– Switch on ignition.  
– Switch on infotainment system.  
– Press Infotainment button CAR .  
– Press Setup function button.  
– Press Tyres function button.  
– Press Set function button.  
– Press Confirm function button.  
Tyre repair set: Checking  
Depending on the equipment level, the vehicles are equip‐  
ped with a breakdown set.  
It also contains a filling bottle with tyre sealant.  
The tyre mobility set can be found in the tool bag -1- on the  
right side in the luggage compartment.  
The breakdown set includes a bottle of tyre sealant -3- and a  
compressor -2-.  
The tyre sealant in the bottle has a limited shelf life.  
The expiry date is therefore indicated on the bottle.  
– Enter expiry date in maintenance table.  
4. Descriptions of work  

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