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VW Tiguan Electrical System ➜ Repair instructions

Tiguan 2016 ➤ , Tiguan RUS 2017 ➤  
Electrical system - Edition 11.2018  
Repair instructions  
Contact corrosion  
Contact corrosion can occur if unsuitable fasteners (bolts, nuts,  
washers, etc.) are used.  
For this reason, only connecting elements with a special surface  
coating have been fitted.  
In addition, rubber, plastic and adhesives are made of non-con‐  
ductive materials.  
If there is any doubt about the suitability of parts, a general rule  
is to use new parts ⇒ Electronic parts catalogue .  
Please note:  
♦ Only use genuine replacement parts which are tested and  
compatible with aluminium.  
♦ Only use Volkswagen Genuine Accessories.  
♦ Damage resulting from contact corrosion is not covered by the  
Routing and attachment of lines  
♦ Mark lines prior to removal to prevent them from being inter‐  
changed and to ensure that they are fitted in their original  
positions. This applies for fuel, hydraulic and vacuum lines as  
well as lines for activated charcoal filter system and electrical  
wiring. Where necessary, make sketches or take photographs.  
♦ To avoid damaging pipes and wires, ensure adequate clear‐  
ance from all moving or hot components in the engine com‐  
partment on account of the confined space.  
Rep. gr.00 - Technical data  

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