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VW Tiguan Electrical System ➜ Safety measures and precautions

Tiguan 2016 ➤ , Tiguan RUS 2017 ➤  
Electrical system - Edition 11.2018  
00 – Technical data  
Safety information  
(VRL012351; Edition 11.2018)  
Safety measures when working on ve‐  
hicles with a start/stop system  
Injury hazard as a result of automatic engine start in vehicles  
with start/stop system.  
♦ If the start/stop system of a vehicle is activated, the engine  
can start automatically, if required. A message will appear  
in the dash panel insert.  
♦ When working on the vehicle, make sure that the start/stop  
system is deactivated (switch off the ignition; switch the  
ignition on again if necessary).  
Safety precautions when using testers  
and measuring instruments during a  
road test  
Observe the following if test and measuring equipment is required  
during a road test:  
Risk of accident due to distraction and inadequate securing of  
test and measuring equipment.  
Danger as a result of activation of front passenger airbag in  
event of an accident.  
Operation of test and measuring equipment while driving  
results in distraction.  
The risk of injuries increases significantly when test and  
measuring equipment is not secured.  
♦ Always strap test and measuring equipment in place on  
rear seat, and have a 2nd person operate them.  
1. Safety information  

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