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VW Tiguan Electrical System ➜ Start/stop system

Tiguan 2016 ➤ , Tiguan RUS 2017 ➤  
Electrical system - Edition 11.2018  
Start/stop system  
General description - start/stop system  
The start/stop system is used for reducing fuel consumption by  
automatically switching off the engine when the vehicle is sta‐  
tionary and automatically starting it when the driver wants the  
vehicle to move on. The start/stop mode is activated automati‐  
cally. In order for this to happen, the vehicle must be driven for  
approx. 4 seconds at a minimum speed of 3 km/h.  
Overview of fitting locations - start/stop system  
The illustration shows fitting locations for left-hand drive vehicles. Fitting locations for right-hand drive vehicles  
are similar.  
1 - Start/stop operation switch  
- E693-  
❑ Removing and installing  
⇒ page 244  
2 - Bracket  
❑ For onboard supply con‐  
trol unit - J519-  
3 - Onboard supply control unit  
- J519-  
❑ Fitting location overview  
⇒ page 296  
5. Start/stop system  

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