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VW Tiguan 2021 Owner's Manual ➜ Anti-theft alarm

Switching on the ignition will deactivate the "safe"  
1. Switch off the ignition.  
security system of all the doors (although they will  
continue to be locked) and the central locking button will  
be activated.  
2. Open the driver's door and close it again.  
3. Lock the vehicle.  
Automatic deactivation of senso surfaces  
Problems and solutions  
The sensor surfaces are deactivated in the  
following cases:  
Note and , at the beginning of this ca  
chapter, on page 80.  
— If the vehicle is not unlocked or locked during  
a long period of time.  
— If any of the sensor surfaces are activated unusually  
Control indicator stays on The red light-  
emitting diode (LED) in the driver's door flashes at  
short intervals and then stays on.  
To reactivate the sensing surfaces:  
1. Unlock the vehicle with the vehicle key key.  
There is a fault in the locking system.  
1. Go to a duly qualified specialized workshop.  
Volkswagen recommends a Volkswagen dealer.  
The sensor surfaces of the door handles could be  
activated by a high pressure jet of water or steam if  
there is a valid vehicle key in the vicinity. If at least one  
of the windows is open and the sensor surfaces of one  
of the handles are permanently activated, all windows  
are closed ÿ p. 78.  
Turn signals don't flash  
If, when the vehicle is locked, the direction indicators do  
not flash, they flash as confirmation:  
— At least one door, the tailgate or the  
front hood are not closed.  
The vehicle is locked automatically If one  
If the 12-volt battery is low or discharged, or  
the button cell battery in the vehicle key is near  
or dead, it may not be possible to unlock or lock the  
vehicle with the "Keyless Access" system. . The vehicle  
can be unlocked and locked manually ÿ p. 80.  
of the following conditions is met, the vehicle is  
automatically locked again after approx. 45 seconds:  
— The vehicle has been unlocked, but has not been  
— The ignition has not been switched on.  
If there is no valid vehicle key inside the  
vehicle or it is not detected by the system, a  
— The tailgate has not been opened.  
warning will appear on the instrument cluster display.  
This could happen if another radio frequency signal  
interferes with the signal from the key or if the key is  
What happens when you lock the vehicle with a  
second key  
On vehicles with the "Keyless Access" starting and  
locking system: The key in the vehicle is locked for  
starting the engine as soon as the vehicle is locked from  
the outside with a second key. However, an emergency  
start is possible ÿ p. 155.  
covered by something, e.g. eg, a metal suitcase ÿ p. 151.  
Anti-theft alarm  
1. To enable the key that is inside the vehicle  
As for normal engine start, press the key of the  
same ÿ p. 153.  
Depending on the equipment, the vehicle may have  
an anti-theft alarm.  
The anti-theft alarm monitors the doors, the bonnet and  
the tailgate.  
Locking the vehicle after an airbag has been  
deployed When an airbag is deployed due to an  
accident, the vehicle is fully unlocked. Depending on  
the extent of the damage, the vehicle can be re-locked  
after the accident as described below:  
The anti-theft alarm is automatically activated when  
the vehicle is locked.  
If the vehicle is not opened with a valid key, the alarm  
is triggered and emits acoustic and luminous signals for  
approx. 5 minutes maximum.  
5 N M 0 1 2 7 6 0 A J  
Anti-theft alarm  
In which cases does the burglar alarm go off?  
Interior monitoring and anti-  
tow system  
— If a mechanical unlocked door is opened  
mind with the vehicle key.  
— If the front hood is opened.  
— If the tailgate is opened.  
— If the ignition is turned on with a vehicle key  
invalid ass.  
— If the 12 volt battery is disconnected.  
— If there is movement inside the vehicle (in vehicles with  
interior monitoring ÿ page 86).  
— If the vehicle is raised or towed (for vehicles with an anti-tow  
system ÿ page 86).  
Fig. 68 In the overhead console: interior monitoring  
sensors (arrows).  
— If the vehicle is transported on a ferry or by rail (for vehicles  
with anti-tow system or interior monitoring ÿ page 86).  
In some markets and depending on the equipment, the vehicle may  
have cabin monitoring and an anti-tow system.  
Disconnect alarm  
1. Unlock the vehicle with the unlock key on the vehicle key.  
If movements are detected in the passenger compartment while  
the vehicle locked, the interior monitor triggers the alarm ÿ fig.  
Or: Switch on the ignition with a valid vehicle key.  
If the vehicle is detected to be lifted, the anti-tow system triggers  
the alarm.  
The alarm may go off briefly, for approx. 1 second.  
Switch on interior monitoring and anti-tow system  
2. On vehicles with the "Keyless Access" locking and starting  
system: Grasp the door handle ÿ p. 78.  
Close the overhead console storage compartments for the  
sensors to work.  
If the 12 volt battery is low or discharged, the burglar  
1. Close the windows, the glass roof, the doors and the  
alarm will not function properly.  
2. Press the lock key once.  
If the 12 volt battery is disconnected, the alarm may be  
The interior monitor and the anti-tow system are switched on.  
If the connection to a trailer included in the anti-theft alarm  
Depending on the equipment, the use of a separation net may  
is broken, the anti-theft alarm may be triggered ÿ p. 293.  
impair the function of the interior monitoring.  
Temporarily switch off interior monitoring and anti-tow system  
Depending on the equipment, the interior monitor and the anti-  
tow system can be temporarily deactivated in the vehicle settings  
menu of the infotainment system:  
1. Switch on the ignition.  
2. Deactivate the interior monitor and the anti-tow system in the  
Vehicle settings menu of the infotainment system.  
3. Close all doors and the tailgate  
4. Lock the vehicle with the key.  
Opening and closing  
The interior monitor and the anti-tow system remain  
deactivated until the next time the vehicle is locked.  
trunk lid  
Introduction to the topic  
In the following situations it is recommended to  
deactivate the passenger compartment monitoring  
and the anti-tow system:  
The tailgate is unlocked and locked together with  
the doors.  
— When people or animals remain inside the  
On vehicles with the "Keyless Access" keyless entry  
and start system, the tailgate unlocks automatically  
when opened ÿ p. 78.  
— When the vehicle has to be loaded onto another  
means of transport.  
If individual door opening or opening of one side of  
the vehicle is activated in the opening and closing  
settings of the infotainment system, the button on  
the vehicle key must be pressed twice to unlock the  
— When transporting the vehicle.  
— When the vehicle has to be towed with a  
suspended axle.  
— When the vehicle is to be parked in a two-  
storey garage space.  
On vehicles with the "Keyless Access" system, the  
sensor surface on the inside of the driver's or front  
passenger's door handle must be actuated twice .  
— When the vehicle has to be left in a car wash.  
Risk of false alarms from interior monitoring  
The interior monitor will only work correctly if the  
vehicle is completely closed.  
Observe the legal provisions. A false alarm may  
occur in the following situations:  
Unlocking, opening or closing the tailgate  
improperly or without paying due attention can  
cause accidents and serious injuries.  
· Open or close the tailgate only when there is no  
one in the area of its travel.  
— If any window or the glass roof is partially or  
completely open.  
— If light objects are left in the vehicle, e.g. eg,  
loose or hanging papers in the interior mirror.  
· After closing the tailgate, make sure that it has  
been closed correctly. The tailgate should be  
flush with the adjoining parts of the bodywork.  
— If the vibrate function of a mobile phone that has  
been left inside the vehicle is activated.  
· Always keep the tailgate closed while driving.  
It is not possible to permanently deactivate  
the interior monitor and the anti-tow system.  
· Never open the tailgate with cargo, such as  
bicycles, attached to it. The gate could close  
on its own due to the additional weight. If  
necessary, secure the tailgate or remove the  
load beforehand.  
If, when activating the anti-theft alarm, a  
door or the boot lid is still open, only the  
alarm will be activated. The anti-tow system will  
only activate once all the doors and the tailgate  
have been closed.  
· Close and lock the tailgate and all doors when  
the vehicle is not in use. When doing so, make  
sure that no one remains in the vehicle.  
Depending on the equipment, when the  
interior monitor and anti-tow system are  
switched off, the "safe" security system is also  
deactivated ÿ p. 84.  
· Always keep a close eye on children when they  
play in or next to the vehicle, especially if the  
tailgate is open. Children could get into the  
trunk, close the tailgate and be locked in.  
Depending on the season of the year, a closed  
vehicle can reach very high or very low  
temperatures that can cause very serious  
injuries and illnesses or even death, especially  
to small children.  
5 N M 0 1 2 7 6 0 A J  
trunk lid  

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