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VW Tiguan 2021 Owner's Manual ➜ Wifi access point

to switch on the ignition. The function can then be  
used correctly.  
pre WPA2 encryption. Observe the country-specific  
Lesen Sie vor dem erneuten Start des Motors  
The necessary data transmission may be  
chargeable. Due to the large volume of data that  
is exchanged, Volkswagen recommends using a mobile  
phone flat rate for data transmission. Mobile phone  
operators can provide information on this.  
die Meldung im Infotainment-System über den  
Abschluss der Freischaltung. Beachten Sie bei  
fehlgeschlagener Freischaltung die entsprechenden  
When charging and using Internet data packages,  
additional charges may be incurred depending  
on your mobile phone tariff, especially when abroad  
(roaming charges, for example).  
Problems and solutions  
Where do I get the hoverable functions?  
In einem Webshop, den Sie über Ihr We Connect Be  
nutzerkonto erreichen.  
When crossing the border into countries with  
permissible radio frequencies other than those  
Depending on the equipment, the functions can also be  
of your own country, the execution of the Wireless/Wi-  
Fi function has to be deactivated due to legal provisions.  
The execution of the functions by cable is not affected  
by this limitation and can continue to be used.  
purchased and activated directly via the infotainment  
system in the “In-Car Shop”.  
Limited features during activation  
During activation, the function is not available.  
Establish a data connection  
After successful activation  
If the activation was successful, it is indicated in the  
infotainment system.  
Wi-Fi (9.2-inch version and 8-inch version)  
When will the activated feature be available?  
— WLAN (Wi-Fi) conforming to IEEE 802.11 b/g/n.  
— Transfer in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.  
Depending on the activated function, immediately or  
after switching the ignition off and on again.  
— Two WLAN (Wi-Fi) modes at the same time:  
— Tethering (connection sharing, 2.4 GHz).  
— 2.4 GHz access point.  
WiFi access point  
— Connection of up to 8 WLAN (Wi-Fi) devices yes  
— Internet connection via WLAN (Wi-Fi):  
Introduction to the topic  
— Sharing connection (tethering) via mobile phone.  
The WLAN (Wi-Fi) hotspot function is not available in  
all markets or all vehicles.  
— Access point for clients (clients) in the ve  
Some infotainment systems can be used as a WLAN  
(Wi-Fi) access point to connect up to 8 WLAN (Wi-Fi)  
devices to the Internet.  
— Apple CarPlay™ via WLAN (Wi-Fi).  
— Android Auto™ via WLAN (Wi-Fi).  
— Simplified pairing process by  
WPS, NFC or QR Code.  
Some infotainment systems can use the WLAN access  
point (Wi-Fi) of an external WLAN device (Wi-Fi, WLAN-  
Client, Wi-Fi client) ÿ p. 244.  
Possible types of data connections  
SIM card in SIM card reader: suitable SIM card in SIM  
card reader. In the Network settings menu ,  
the option Allow Internet connection must be  
activated. For the network to be stable, a  
compatible SIM card is required.  
To establish an Internet connection and to be able to  
use Volkswagen We Connect, focroenxnaemcptiolen, aisdreaqtauired.  
For security reasons, the WLAN connection (Wi-  
Fi) is encrypted by default with WPA2 encryption.  
Volkswagen recommends always using  
data transmissions  
rSAP Bluetooth Profile:  
infotainment system  
tion, you can change the name of the access point and the  
network key.  
You are connected via the Blue tooth rSAP profile  
with a suitable mobile phone.  
Disable a Wi-Fi access point (hotspot)  
In the Network settings menu , the option Allow  
Internet connection must be activated.  
1. Menu Einstellungen Hotspot (WLAN) aufzurufen. Hierfür  
WLAN Infotainment-System als  
External Wi-Fi device: Use the WLAN (Wi-Fi) access point of an  
external mobile phone ÿ p. 244. eSIM (embedded SIM):  
the vehicle has an OCU with an embedded SIM card  
Hotspot antipen.  
2. Checkbox Mobiler Hotspot deactivated.  
(eSIM). To be able to use saidpeaScIkMs ayot data  
WLAN hotspot is deactivated.  
Fast connection  
The following must be active in the settings menu:  
The quick connection allows you to set up a local wireless  
network with encryption, simply and quickly. Alternatively, in  
some countries the function can be executed by scanning a  
Allow Internet connection.  
Network settings  
Or: Data connection Integrated data connection.  
The available types of possible data connections depend on  
the country and the equipment.  
WPS with the infotainment system as Wi-Fi access point  
1. Menu Einstellungen Hotspot aufrufen. Hierfür MENU WLAN  
Set up and disable a Wi-Fi access  
point (hotspot)  
Mobiler Hotspot (WLAN) antippen.  
2. Press WPS Quick Connect (WPS Key) .  
3. WPS am zu verbindenden Mobiltelefon activation  
The infotainment system can be used as a WLAN (Wi-Fi)  
access point for the Internet connection of up to 8 WLAN (Wi-Fi)  
The WLAN (Wi-Fi) connection is established. To finalize  
the connection, it may be necessary to enter other data on  
the WLAN (Wi Fi) device.  
Um eine Verbindung zum Internet herzustellen und z. B. We  
Connect nutzen zu können, ist zusätzlich ei ne Datenverbindung  
notwendig, z. B. über eine in terne eSIM oder ein externes WLAN-  
4. Um weitere Mobiltelefone zu verbinden, Vor  
Gerät. The types of data connections possible depend on the  
gang wiederholen.  
country and the infotainment system used.  
Only one WPS connection can be established at a time.  
If multiple connections are attempted at the same time, all  
Establishing the connection to the wireless network (Wi-Fi)  
attempts will fail.  
1. MENU  
Hotspot antipen.  
2. To do this, activate the check box  
WLAN Infotainment-System als  
WPS with infotainment system as client  
1. Menu Hotspots (WLAN) aufzurufen. Hierfür MENU  
mobile access  
WLAN WLAN antippen.  
2. Press WPS Quick Connect (WPS Key) .  
3. Find the WLAN (Wi-Fi) device name listed.  
3. Activate WPS on the WLAN (Wi-Fi) device ex  
4. Enter and confirm the network key displayed on the WLAN  
(Wi-Fi) device.  
The WLAN (Wi-Fi) connection is established. Um die  
Verbindung abzuschließen, sind gegebenenfalls weitere  
Eingaben am Mobiltelefon erforderlich.  
The WLAN (Wi-Fi) connection is established. To finalize  
the connection, it may be necessary to enter other data on  
the WLAN (Wi Fi) device.  
WPS wird nicht von allen Mobiltelefonen oder sonstigen  
externen WLAN-Geräten unters tützt. In this case,  
establish the connection manually:  
5. Um weitere WLAN-Geräte zu verbinden, Vor gang  
The access point name and network key are generated  
automatically. to continue  
— Set up the infotainment system as a WLAN (Wi-Fi) access point  
ÿ p. 242, ÿ p. 243.  
5 N M 0 1 2 7 6 0 A J  
WiFi access point  
— Connect the infotainment system as a client  
The following settings are available:  
with the access point of an external WLAN (Wi-Fi)  
device ÿ p. 244.  
— Configure the infotainment system as an access point  
— Connect to the infotainment system via  
of a fast connection.  
Set up a Wi-Fi client  
— Connect to the WLAN network (Wi-Fi).  
1. Make the corresponding entries or press  
function buttons.  
Das Infotainment-System kann den WLAN-Hotspot eines  
externen WLAN-Geräts nutzen, z. B. eines Mo biltelefons,  
um eine Internetverbindung zur Nutzung von Onlinediensten  
Changes are automatically applied when you close  
a menu.  
Establishing the connection to the wireless network (Wi-Fi)  
1. Turn on the Wi-Fi hotspot on the Wi-Fi device. Consult  
the manufacturer's instruction manual in this regard.  
Introduction to the topic  
2. Menu Hotspots (WLAN) aufrufen. Hierfür MENU  
WLAN WLAN antippen.  
Mit App-Connect ist es möglich, auf dem Mobiltele fon  
angezeigte Inhalte und Funktionen auf dem Bildschirm  
des Infotainment-Systems darzustellen und zu bedienen.  
3. Activate the wireless network (Wi-Fi) on the system  
of infotainment. Hierfür Checkbox WLAN akti vieren .  
4. Tap Search and select the desired Wi-Fi access point  
from the list. Searching for available Wi-Fi access  
points may take a few minutes.  
Das Mobiltelefon muss mit dem Infotainment  
System über eine USB-Schnittstelle mit Datenüber  
tragungsfunktion verbunden sein.  
5. If necessary, enter the network key of the Wi-Fi access  
The following technologies may be available:  
point in the infotainment system and confirm with OK  
—Apple CarPlay.  
—Android Auto™.  
The Wi-Fi (wireless) connection is established.  
Um die Verbindung abzuschließen, sind gegebe  
nenfalls weitere Eingaben am WLAN-Gerät er  
Die Verfügbarkeit der zu App-Connect gehörenden  
Technologien ist länderabhängig und abhängig vom  
verwendeten Mobiltelefon.  
Manual settings : to manually enter the network  
settings of an external Wi-Fi device.  
MirrorLink, Apple CarPlay und Android Auto sind  
Tecnologien, die von Dritten betrieben und der  
Volkswagen AG zur Verfügung gestellt werden.  
Volkswagen AG does not assume any liability if these  
Das Infotainment-System kann nicht gleich zeitig  
als Hotspot und als Client eines WLAN Netzwerks  
genutzt werden. Um das Infotainment System als Client  
mit einem WLAN-Gerät zu verbin den, muss zuerst der  
Hotspot des Infotainment Systems ausgeschaltet werden.  
technologies are not further developed, become obsolete  
or are deactivated during the vehicle's lifetime.  
Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der Volkswa  
gene Website.  
Due to the large number of different Wi-Fi devices  
available, all functions cannot be guaranteed to  
work smoothly.  
Wireless Function by App-Connect by Grenzüber tritt  
The availability of the Wi-Fi function depends on  
Bei Grenzübertritten in Länder mit anderen zulässi gen  
the country and may vary.  
Funkfrequenzen als im eigenen Land, Folgendes beachten:  
— The Wireless-Funktion von App-Connect ist auf  
grund gesetzlicher Bestimmungen eingeschränkt oder  
gar nicht möglich. This can also be indicated by a  
message in the infotainment system.  
make adjustments  
Access Wi-Fi settings  
Press HOME SETUP Wi-Fi  
data transmissions  

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