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VW Tiguan 2021 Owner's Manual ➜ Fatigue detection system

2. Depending on the version, open the Settings menu .  
It is bound by the laws of physics and only works  
within the limits of the system. Do not let the  
increased comfort provided by the fatigue  
detection system induce you to take any risks that  
compromise safety. When you go on long journeys,  
take long enough breaks regularly.  
3. To adjust the time, select the Time & Date menu  
Setting the time on the digital instrument cluster,  
Basic version  
1. Open the Service menu ÿ p. 3. 4.  
2. Select the Time menu .  
· The driver is always responsible for determining  
his ability to drive.  
3. Set the correct time with the key  
· Never drive when you feel tired.  
· The system does not always detect driver  
fatigue. Please note the information in the  
section Limited operation.  
Sancio detection system  
· In some situations, the system may mistakenly  
interpret an intentional maneuver as a sign of  
driver fatigue.  
Introduction to the topic  
· In the case of the so-called microsleep, no  
no strong warning!  
· Take into account the indications on the  
instrument panel screen and act accordingly.  
The fatigue detection system has only been  
designed for driving on highways and roads in  
good condition.  
Fig. 24 On the instrument panel screen: fatigue  
detection symbol.  
In the event of a fault, have the system  
checked by a qualified specialist workshop.  
Volkswagen recommends a Volkswagen dealer.  
The fatigue detection system informs the driver  
when it deduces that he is tired from his  
behavior at the wheel.  
Limitations of the fatigue detection system  
The fatigue detection system records the driver's  
driving behavior at the start of a journey and, based  
Please note on  
page 36.  
,at the beginning of this chapter,  
on this, performs an assessment of fatigue. This is  
continually compared with current driving behaviour.  
If the system detects driver fatigue, it reports this  
acoustically as well as visually with a symbol and a  
supplementary message on the instrument panel  
display ÿ fig. 24. The instrument cluster display  
warning is displayed for approx. 5 seconds and, if  
necessary, is displayed a second time. The system  
saves the last notice that occurred.  
The fatigue detection system is subject to certain  
system limitations. The following conditions may  
cause the system to function in a limited way or not  
at all:  
— speeds less than 60 km/h (37 mph) approx. —  
speeds greater than 200 km/h (125 mph)  
Funcionament condition  
— sections with curves  
Driving behavior is only assessed at speeds between  
approx. 60 km/h (37 mph) and 200 km/h (125 mph).  
— bad roads  
— adverse weather conditions — driving  
in a sporty style — driving with heavy or  
long trailers ÿ p. 293 — severe driver distraction  
The intelligent technology of the fatigue detection  
system cannot overcome the limits imposed  
Driver Information  
The system restarts in the following situations:  
Traffic Sign Detection System  
— The ignition is off.  
— The driver's seat belt is unbuckled and the driver's door is  
Introduction to the topic  
— The vehicle remains stationary for more than approx.  
15 minutes.  
The traffic sign detection system records standard traffic  
If you drive for a long time below approx. 60 km/h (37 mph),  
the system automatically stops assessing your fatigue. If you  
then drive faster again, your driving behavior will be reassessed.  
signs using a camera at the base of the interior rear-view  
mirror and informs you of speed limits and overtaking  
prohibitions that it recognizes. Within its limitations, the  
system also displays additional signals, such as temporary  
prohibitions or limitations that are only valid in case of rain.  
Even on routes without signs, the system can display, if  
necessary, the applicable speed limits.  
Managing the fatigue detection system  
Please note on  
page 36.  
at the beginning of this chapter,  
In Germany, on highways and motorways, in addition to speed  
limits and overtaking bans, the system displays the end of ban  
signs. In all other countries where the system works, the currently  
valid speed limit will be displayed instead.  
Hide the notice  
The warning on the instrument panel display automatically  
disappears after 5 seconds or can be hidden as follows:  
Vehicles without a multifunction steering  
wheel: 1. Press the windows button.  
of the wiper lever  
Traffic signs detected by the system are displayed on the  
instrument panel screen and on the infotainment system screen.  
Vehicles with a multifunction steering wheel:  
1. Press the button on the mulstitfeuenrcintigonwheel.  
Depending on the equipment, an indication also appears on the  
Switching the fatigue  
detection system on and off in the Infotainment System  
display of traffic signs  
Assistants menu ÿ p. 33.  
After starting the engine, the fatigue detection system  
switches on automatically.  
Fig. 25 On the instrument panel screen: examples  
of traffic sign displays.  
5 N M 0 1 2 7 6 0 A J  
Traffic Sign Detection System  

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