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VW Tiguan 2021 Owner's Manual ➜ Separation net

Depending on the equipment, there are  
compartments under the boot floor for storing  
small items.  
and tighten the fixing straps correctly  
ÿ fig. 192 B  
Dismantle the separation net  
Volkswagen recommends securing objects to  
the lashing eyes with lashing or retaining  
1. If necessary, remove the boot cover ÿ p. 286.  
2. Loosen the fixing straps of the partition net.  
3. Unhook the hooks of the partition net from the  
lashing eyes ÿ fig. 192 B  
separation network  
4. Unhook the partition net from one of the roof slots  
by compressing the cross rod.  
Assembly and disassembly of the  
separation net  
5. Unhook the partition net from the other roof  
6. Fold the partition net ÿ p. 289.  
7. If necessary, install the boot cover ÿ p. 286.  
In the event of a sudden stop or an accident, objects could  
be thrown through the passenger compartment and cause  
serious injury or death.  
Check if the cross rods are in  
neutered correctly.  
· Always secure objects, even when the separation  
net is correctly installed.  
Fig. 192 In the boot: Fitting the partition net behind  
· When the vehicle is in motion, do not allow  
anyone to remain behind the installed separation  
the rear seat.  
The partition net can help prevent objects carried in  
the boot from being thrown into the passenger  
compartment, e.g. For example, if there is a sudden  
If the partition net is fixed at points not provided for  
it, damage can occur.  
Installing the partition net  
The partition net can be installed behind the rear  
seat or, depending on equipment, behind the front  
seats with the second row of seats folded down.  
1. If necessary, remove the boot cover ÿ p. 286.  
2. Unfold the separation net ÿ p. 289.  
3. Hook the partition net into one of the two slots in  
the roof ÿ fig. 192 A. Be sure to pull thdeocwronspsarsotd  
the top position.  
4. Hook the partition net into the opposite seat on the  
roof by compressing the cross rod ÿ fig. 192 A  
5 N M 0 1 2 7 6 0 A J  
5. Hook the two hooks of the partition net into the  
lashing eyes in the luggage compartment  
separation network  
3. Roll up the separation net and store it in its  
Unfold and fold the partition net  
4. Store the bag safely in the vehicle.  
luggage compartment equipment  
mooring eyes  
Fig. 193 Unfold the separation net.  
Fig. 195 In the boot: fixed and removable lashing  
There are lashing eyes in the boot ÿ fig.  
195 for securing loose items and luggage using  
lashing straps and fixing or holding straps.  
If unsuitable or damaged lashing straps, lashing  
straps or lashing straps are used, they could  
break in the event of sudden braking or an  
accident. Objects could be thrown around the  
passenger compartment and cause serious or fatal injuries.  
Fig. 194 Fold the partition net.  
· Always use suitable and undamaged lashing  
straps, fixing straps or lashing straps.  
Before mounting the separation net in the vehicle, it  
must be unfolded.  
Deploy the separation net  
· Tighten the lashing straps, the fixing straps  
position and cross lashing straps over the load  
placed on the boot floor and attach them securely  
to the lashing eyes.  
1. Take the separator net out of the corresponding  
bag and unroll it.  
2. Fold out the cross bars ÿ fig. 193 1  
and 2 of the net in the direction of the arrows  
until you hear a click.  
· Make sure that, especially for flat objects, the  
top edge of the load is higher than the lashing  
fold the separation net  
Depending on the equipment, please note  
the indicative signs in the trunk on how to place  
1. Press the release button and fold the cross bar in  
the direction of the arrow while keeping the  
the load.  
· Never fasten a child seat to the lashing eyes.  
release button pressed ÿ fig. 194 1  
2. Repeat this operation on the other release  
button ÿ fig. 194 2  
Transport of objects  

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