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VW Tiguan 2021 Owner's Manual ➜ Safety warnings regarding the handling of fuel

In an emergency, request the help of specialized  
Fuel and exhaust gas  
Types of fuel and refueling  
Safety warnings regarding  
the handling of fuel  
Introduction to the topic  
The fuel tank flap is located on the right side of the  
vehicle, in the rear area.  
Improper handling of fuel can cause explosions,  
fire, severe burns, and other injuries.  
· Before refuelling, turn off the engine, ignition  
and mobile phone as well as other radio  
communication devices.  
Identification and standards of  
· Before refuelling, switch off the heating in  
dependent ÿ p. 139.  
Note and from page 303.  
· To avoid electrostatic discharges, do not climb  
into the vehicle during refueling.  
· Make sure that the fuel tank cap is closed  
properly and that no fuel is leaking.  
Observe the safety instructions  
current regulations and local regulations  
regarding the handling of fuels.  
If it is refueled in the wrong way, it can start a fire  
and cause serious injury and damage to the vehicle.  
Fig. 202 On the inside of the fuel tank flap: fuel sticker  
(schematic illustration).  
· Refuel only fuels that have been au  
twisted for the vehicle.  
fuel sticker  
· Do not refuel metal fuels and only use additives  
authorized by Volkswagen in the authorized  
dose in each case.  
The type of fuel that must be refueled depends on  
the motorization of the vehicle. The type of fuel  
used by the vehicle is indicated on the factory fuel  
label on the fuel filler flap ÿ fig. 202.  
· If fuel spills, wipe it off immediately from all parts  
of the vehicle.  
The designation and frame indicate which fuel is  
appropriate for the vehicle. These are the minimum  
requirements that the fuel must meet. It is not  
allowed to refuel any other fuel ÿ .  
The fuel it contains can be released from a  
reserve drum. This can cause a fire and injury.  
· Do not carry reserve drums in the vehicle.  
fuel standards  
The fuel to be refueled has to meet one of the  
following standards. It is not allowed to refuel any  
other fuel ÿ .  
Fuel can pollute the environment. If any  
operating fluid leaks, collect it and dispose  
of it properly.  
If fuel of the mentioned standards is not  
available, consult a qualified specialist workshop  
which of the fuels is available.  
Emergency unlocking of the fuel filler flap is  
not possible. in case  
5 N M 0 1 2 7 6 0 A J  
Safety warnings regarding the handling of fuel  

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