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· If you nevertheless install a roof rack, it could  
come loose while driving and fall off the roof of  
the vehicle.  
Bicycle carrier  
roof rack  
Attaching a roof rack, of any type, to vehicles that are not  
approved for the use of roof racks can cause considerable  
damage to the vehicle.  
Introduction to the topic  
Depending on the model, the vehicle may be designed for  
mounting a roof rack.  
With a roof rack, bulky items can be transported on the roof of  
the vehicle.  
Install a roof rack  
If you are not sure whether the vehicle is designed for the  
installation of a roof rack, consult an appropriately qualified  
specialist workshop. Volkswagen recommends a Volks wagen  
Note and , at the beginning of this ca  
chapter, on page 301.  
For safety reasons, it is necessary to use special roof racks to  
transport luggage, bicycles, surfboards, skis and boats. Suitable  
accessories can be purchased from Volkswagen dealers.  
Only use roof racks approved by Volkswagen for this vehicle.  
If the vehicle is not approved for the use of a roof rack, do not use  
one or install one afterwards.  
Mounting the roof rack to the longitudinal roof bars Mount  
the roof rack in accordance with the installation instructions for  
the roof rack ÿ .  
When heavy or large objects are transported in the roof rack,  
the driving characteristics of the vehicle vary due to the shift  
in the center of gravity and the larger area exposed to the  
Once the roof rack has been correctly mounted, the supporting  
structure in question can be attached ÿ .  
Situations in which you have to remove the roof rack  
· Always secure the load correctly with suitable  
and well-maintained lashing straps, lashing  
straps or lashing straps.  
— When the roof rack is no longer needed  
if you.  
· Bulky, heavy, long or flat cargo has a negative  
effect on the vehicle's aerodynamics, center of  
gravity and driving behaviour.  
— Before entering an automatic washing facility.  
— When the height of the vehicle exceeds the required  
clearance height, e.g. For example, in a garage.  
· Avoid sudden maneuvers and braking.  
· Always adapt your speed and driving style to  
the visibility, weather, road and traffic  
· The height of the vehicle increases with the  
mounting of a roof rack, as well as with the load  
attached to it. Make sure the height of the vehicle  
does not exceed the height limit for traversing,  
e.g. e.g. underpasses or garage doors.  
If a roof rack not approved for the vehicle is mounted or one  
is mounted in a vehicle that is not approved for the use of  
these roof racks, accidents and injuries may occur.  
· The roof rack and the cargo must not interfere  
with the parts that are mounted on the roof of  
the vehicle depending on the equipment, such  
as the roof antenna or the glass roof, nor obstruct  
the area of travel of the boot lid.  
· Only use roof racks approved by Volkswagen  
for this vehicle.  
· Never mount a roof rack on a vehicle that is not  
approved for the use of these racks.  
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Bicycle carrier  

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