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Use the speed limiter conditionally  
Speed limiter  
adverse weather conditions is dangerous and  
can lead to serious accidents, e.g. eg, by  
aquaplaning, snow, ice, leaf litter, etc. Use the  
speed limiter only when the state of the road  
Introduction to the topic  
and the weather conditions allow it.  
The speed limiter helps not to exceed a speed  
saved by you.  
Speed range The  
Drive speed limiter  
speed limiter is available on forward drives from  
approx. 30 km/h (20 mph).  
Please note on  
page 184.  
at the beginning of this chapter,  
Driving with the speed limiter  
Speed limitation can be broken at any time by fully  
depressing the accelerator pedal, past the point of  
resistance. As soon as the saved speed is exceeded,  
the green control indicator flashes and an acoustic  
warning signal may sound. The speed remains saved.  
The regulation is activated again automatically as  
soon as you drive at a speed lower than the saved  
indications on the screen  
When the speed limiter is engaged, the display of the  
instrument cluster shows the saved speed and the  
status of the system:  
Fig. 144 Left side of the multifunction steering wheel  
(variant 1).  
The speed limiter is activated and the  
regulation is active.  
The speed limiter is activated, but the  
regulation is not active.  
go down slopes  
The vehicle cannot maintain the stored speed in all  
driving situations. Always be prepared to brake the  
1. Downshift before going down hills  
long mountain  
In this way, you will take advantage of the engine brake and will  
request the brakes less.  
Fig. 145 Left side of the multifunction steering wheel  
(variant 2).  
After use, always switch off the speed limiter to  
prevent unintended speed regulation.  
1. Press the key  
· The speed limiter does not relieve the driver of his responsibility  
The last set speed is saved. Regulation has not  
yet taken place.  
to drive at the appropriate speed. Do not drive at high speed  
if it is not necessary.  
Driver assistance systems  
start regulation  
Problems and solutions  
1. While driving, press the key  
Please note on  
page 184.  
at the beginning of this chapter,  
The current speed is saved as limit speed.  
Regulation is automatically interrupted  
adjust speed  
There is a fault or defect.  
The saved speed can be adjusted: + 1 km/h (1  
1. Shut off the engine and restart it.  
press the key  
mph): - 1 km/h (1 mph): + 10 km/h (5 mph):  
press the key  
2. If the problem persists, disconnect the speed limiter and go to  
a duly qualified specialized workshop. Volkswagen  
recommends a Volkswagen dealer.  
Steering wheel, variant 2: Or, slide your finger  
Press the key.  
down up above the key.  
The first time it is activated, the speed increases to  
the next step of 10 (km/h) or 5 (mph). - 10 km/h (5 mph):  
Steering wheel, variant 2: Or slide your finger up and  
For safety reasons, the speed limiter is only fully deactivated  
when the driver releases the accelerator pedal at some point or  
deactivates the system manually.  
Press the key.  
down over the button The first time it is activated, the speed is  
reduced to the next step of 10 (km/h ) or 5 (mph).  
Cannot start regulation  
The selected driving profile does not allow regulation to start.  
1. Select another profile and repeat the procedure.  
To continuously change the saved speed, keep the or key  
adaptive cruise control  
stop regulation  
1. Press the key  
either .  
The speed remains saved.  
Introduction to the topic  
resume regulation  
1. Press the key  
Adaptive cruise control (ACC = Adapti ve Cruise Control)  
The limiter will be activated again as soon as you drive at a  
maintains a constant speed set by you. When the vehicle  
speed lower than the saved one.  
approaches a vehicle in front, ACC automatically adapts  
the speed and thus maintains the distance set by you.  
1. Long press the key.  
The speed limiter is deactivated; the speed remains saved  
(also after switching off the ignition).  
How to tell if the vehicle has ACC The vehicle has  
ACC if settings for this system can be made in the  
Switch to other driver assistance systems  
infotainment system wizard menu.  
Depending on equipment, you can switch to the following  
driver assistance systems:  
Speed range You can set  
— Cruise control (GRA)  
a speed between approx. 30 km/h (20 mph) and 210 km/  
h (130 mph). Depending on the equipment and the country,  
the maximum adjustable speed may be lower.  
— Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)  
1. Press the key  
2. Select the desired system on the screen of the  
instrument panel.  
Driving with ACC  
You can override ACC regulation at any time. If you brake, the  
regulation is interrupted. If it accelerates, the regulation is  
interrupted for the duration of the acceleration and is resumed  
The speed limiter is deactivated.  
Depending on the equipment, the button is located on  
the multifunction steering wheel or the turn signal lever.  
5 N M 0 1 2 7 6 0 A J  
adaptive cruise control  

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