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VW Tiguan 2021 Owner's Manual ➜ Folding table

days must always be well secured in the drink  
practical equipment  
Closed bottles could explode in the vehicle due  
to the effect of heat or cold.  
Introduction to the topic  
· Never leave closed bottles in the vehicle if the  
temperature inside is very high or very low.  
Unsecured objects carried in the vehicle could  
be thrown from the passenger compartment in the  
event of sudden braking or manoeuvres.  
This can cause serious injury as well as loss of  
control of the vehicle.  
Do not keep objects, food or medicines  
sensitive to heat or cold in the passenger compartment.  
· Store items only in closed slides.  
The heat and cold could damage them or render them  
· Always keep the luggage compartments closed  
during the march.  
· Objects composed of transparent materials  
Lenses left on the vehicle, such as clear suction  
cups attached to the windows, can focus sunlight  
and cause damage to the vehicle.  
· Do not hang clothing items weighing more than  
2.5 kg (approx. 5.5 lbs) on the vehicle's hangers.  
Never leave heavy, hard or sharp objects in the  
pockets of these garments.  
Folding table  
Leaving the glove box open may increase the  
risk of serious injury in the event of an accident,  
sudden stop or maneuver.  
Please note and  
at the beginning of this ca  
chapter, on page 227.  
· Always keep the glove compartment closed while  
If cigarette lighters are left in the vehicle, they  
could be damaged or inadvertently ignited. This  
could cause serious burns and damage to the vehicle.  
· Before closing a slide, make sure  
as long as there is no lighter in the closing  
· Never leave a lighter in a storage compartment  
or on any other surface of the vehicle because  
it could catch fire due to the high temperatures  
that could be reached on these surfaces,  
especially in summer.  
Fig. 176 In the left front seat: folding table with drink  
Incorrect use of drink holders can cause injury.  
1 Lock lever  
2 drink holders  
· Never place hot drinks in the por  
drinks In the event of a sudden stop or an  
accident while driving, hot drinks placed in the  
Unfold the table  
drink holders could spill and cause burns.  
1. Pull the table up.  
2. To adjust the inclination, hold the lock lever ÿ fig.  
176 1 pressed up and adjust the desired incline.  
· Make sure that only drinks of the correct size are  
placed in the drink holders. I drank them  
5 N M 0 1 2 7 6 0 A J  
fold the table  
1. Hold the locking lever ÿ fig. 176 1  
The drawer can be loaded with a maximum of 1.5 kg  
(approx. 3.3 lbs.).  
up and push the table down as far as it will go.  
ashtray and lighter  
Always keep the table folded when driving to reduce  
the risk of injury.  
Introduction to the topic  
use the drink holder  
1. With the table folded out, remove the drink holder ÿ fig.  
176 2 in the direction of the arrow.  
Improper use of the lighter or ashtray can cause fire,  
burns and other serious injuries.  
The drink holder can be folded down.  
· Use the cigarette lighter only in a manner  
· Never leave a child in the vehicle without  
surveillance. The cigarette lighter can be used with  
the ignition switched on.  
Note and , at the beginning of this ca  
chapter, on page 227.  
· Never place paper or other objects in the ashtray that  
could cause a fire.  
Please note on  
page 228.  
at the beginning of this chapter,  
Fig. 177 Under the front seat: drawer.  
open drawer  
1. Actuate the drawer handle key and pull the  
close the drawer  
1. Push the drawer under the seat until it clicks.  
Fig. 178 In the central part of the center console: in  
cigarette lighter.  
1. With the ignition on, push the igniter button in.  
An open drawer or an object falling into the driver's footrest  
area could hinder the pedal operation. This could cause  
accidents and serious injuries.  
2. Wait until it jumps.  
3. Pull out the cigarette lighter and use it ÿ p. 228.  
The cigarette lighter socket can also be used as  
a 12 volt socket.  
Always keep the drawer closed during the  
practical equipment  

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