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Do I have to update the system?  
emergency, no phone calls and no data can be transmitted.  
· Suchen Sie einen anderen Standort auf.  
In your own interest, you should update the system as soon as  
possible. Wenn die Systemaktualisierung mehr fach durch den  
Fahrer abgelehnt wird, muss ein hierfür qualifizierter Fachbetrieb  
aufgesucht werden.  
Volkswagen recommends a Volkswagen dealer.  
The vehicle may be damaged by factors beyond the control of  
Volkswagen AG. These may be in particular:  
Can I interrupt the installation of the software?  
Insufficient network coverage  
· Improper use of mobile terminals  
Data loss during transmission  
No, it is not possible.  
What happens if the software installation is interrupted?  
If the software installation is interrupted, e.g. For  
example, due to damage to the vehicle's electrical system,  
control units cannot be updated and may be damaged by  
incomplete software installation.  
· Ungeeignete und schadhafte Apps Dritter.  
Schadsoftware auf Datenträgern, Computern, Ta  
blets und Mobiltelefonen.  
Service portfolio  
Volkswagen WeConnect  
The initial service allocation shown here represents the maximum  
volume possible. The maximum possible volume is only available  
Introduction to the topic  
on a few vehicle models. During the life of the vehicle you can  
change the allocation shown here.  
We Connect must zur Nutzung erst durch Abschluss eines We  
Connect Vertrags mit der Volkswagen AG online aktiviert werden  
und unterliegt einer lände rabhängigen Laufzeitbeschränkung.  
After activating the service management in the infotainment  
system, you can check whether and which services are available  
in the vehicle ÿ p. 238.  
Both the We Connect service portfolios offered by Volkswagen  
In some countries and in the event of a contract renewal, the  
services offered may be combined differently than indicated  
and individual services can be changed, cancelled, deactivated,  
reactivated, renamed and extended, even without prior notification.  
Die Sprach- oder Sucherkennungstechnologie für We  
Connect erkennt und liefert nicht für alle Wörter Suchergebnisse  
Infos zum Anlegen des Benutzerkontos, die Dienste beschreibung  
und weitere Informationen finden Sie unter  
zurück. So enthält beispielsweise die Google Spracherkennung  
eine “Safe Search”-Funktion, die die Anzeige von Suchergebnissen  
verhin dert, sofern auch versehentlich vulgäre Begriffe er kannt  
Die Ausführung und Verfügbarkeit der We Connect Dienste  
und Diensteportfolios kann länderabhängig sowie fahrzeug- und  
ausstattungsabhängig unters chiedlich sein.  
Welche Dienste tatsächlich zu We Connect, We  
Connect Plus und We Connect Fleet zum Zeitpunkt  
Description of services Vor  
Ihres Vertragsabschlusses oder Ihrer Ver tragsverlängerung  
oder auf der Volkswagen Website. This also applies to the  
possible individual We Connect options.  
der Ausführung von We Connect Diensten die je weilige  
Dienstebeschreibung lesen und beachten.  
The descriptions are updated infrequently and are available  
Services and functions of We Connect that do not have to  
1. Stets die neueste Ausgabe der jeweiligen Diens tebeschreibung  
be activated  
The following services also work without We Connect activation:  
— Emergency call service  
— Online customization.  
In areas with insufficient mobile phone and GPS coverage,  
it is not possible to make calls from  
— In-Car applications in the In-Car-Shop.  
2. 3. 4  
data transmissions  
The Emergency Call Service is available regardless of  
— Independent online ventilation.  
logging into the infotainment system.  
We Connect Fleet Services  
Personalization and purchase of In-Car apps require login to the  
infotainment system, but vehicle activation on a We Connect  
account is not required.  
Basically, these services are only available to companies and fleet  
In addition to We Connect services include:  
— Digital route book.  
WeConnect Services  
— Digital refueling record.  
— Driver efficiency.  
maximum volume possible. Not available on all vehicles or in all  
— GPS location and route information.  
— Consumption analysis.  
— Trip data  
— Vehicle status  
— Maintenance manager.  
— Vehicle status report.  
— Information call  
— Mobile key.  
Individual We Connect options  
— In-Car applications. These applications can be directly pre-  
installed in the infotainment system and can be activated by the  
user. Provided it has been technically implemented, the apps  
can also be purchased and installed in the infotainment system  
via the In-Car-Shop.  
— Emergency call service  
— Assistance call and automatic notification of acci  
— Parking position.  
— Service appointment scheduling.  
— Digitale Betriebsanleitung (User Guide).  
—We Experience.  
— Doors and lights.  
- WiFi access point  
— App-Connect.  
We Connect Plus services  
— Data packet. Paid data rates for the use of online functions,  
eg 2 GB per month.  
maximum volume possible. Not available on all vehicles or in all  
— All We Connect services.  
— Purchase of additional mobile keys.  
— Departure times  
- Carry  
Activation of We Connect, S-PIN  
— Air conditioning.  
and vTAN process  
—Apple Music®.  
WeConnect Activation  
— Zone notification.  
Folgende Schritte sind zur We Connect Aktivierung einschließlich  
— Speed notification.  
Registrierung notwendig:  
— Horn and turn signals.  
— Charging stations. or directly via the infotainment  
system in the User administration menu.  
— Online burglar alarm.  
— Update of online maps.  
— Online route calculation.  
2. We Connect best and active.  
3. Add the vehicle to your user account.  
— Online voice management.  
4. Prove ownership.  
— Online-Standheizung und -lüftung.  
5. Prove your identity. It is only necessary if you have to  
— Online traffic information.  
run security-relevant We Connect services.  
- Parking lots.  
- Gas stations.  
directly in the infotainment system. To activate it via the  
— Verriegeln & Entriegeln.  
—Online Radio.  
5 N M 0 1 2 7 6 0 A J  
infotainment system, proceed as follows:  
1. HOME Nutzerverwaltung Hauptnutzer werden anti  
Proof of ownership and identity  
Oder: MENU Nutzerverwaltung Hauptnutzer werden  
Become a main user (accreditation of ownership)  
Follow the rest of the instructions and the information displayed  
on the infotainment system. During activation, you may be asked  
(Method of the 2 keys).  
to create an S-PIN ÿ p. 236, S-PIN.  
Um Hauptnutzer zu werden und dafür den Besitz nachweis  
des Fahrzeugs zu erbringen, benötigen Sie die beiden zum  
Fahrzeug gehörenden mechanicschen Fahrzeugschlüssel. Proof  
of ownership takes place in the vehicle during registration or, if  
you already have a We Connect user account, via the infotainment  
system under User Administration.  
activation option  
10", 9.2" and 8" infotainment system  
8.25" infotainment system not possible  
6.5" infotainment system not possible  
We Connect portal yes yes  
1. Switch on the ignition and the infotain system  
I lied.  
WeConnect app  
2. In the infotainment system, log in to We Connect.  
The S-PIN is a sequence of several numbers, which can be  
freely selected when registering with We Connect.  
Or: Open the User Administration menu  
Become a master user and follow the ins  
When creating the S-PIN, avoid easy-to-guess number  
sequences and known dates of birth. In the We Connect user  
account under “Account settings” you can change the S-PIN.  
3. Öffnungstaste am ersten Fahrzeugschlüssel drücken.  
4. Öffnungstaste am zweiten Fahrzeugschlüssel drücken.  
The S-PIN is required, for example, to protect your user profile or  
to run a security-relevant We Connect service in your vehicle.  
Once the infotainment system has processed the radio  
frequency orders, the accreditation of the property will have  
been completed.  
You must treat the S-PIN with absolute confidentiality.  
On the We Connect portal you can monitor the current status.  
Aus Sicherheitsgründen sollten Sie im Falle der Of fenbarung  
der S-PIN gegenüber einem Dritten die S PIN unverzüglich  
How is ownership proven?*)  
vTAN process  
10", 9.2" and 8" infotainment system  
When a mobile key is downloaded and installed from the We  
Connect portal for the first time to the main user's phone, the  
vTAN process has to be performed:  
8.25" infotainment system  
6.5" infotainment system  
WeConnect portal  
1. In the vehicle turn on the ignition, and if necessary  
necessary, turn on the infotainment system.  
not possible not  
WeConnect app  
2. Follow the instructions in the We Connect app and in the  
infotainment system.  
*) Proof of ownership in the vehicle can be done in two ways: a)  
Method of the 2 keys. b) Übertragen der Registrierungscodes aus  
dem We Connect Portal oder der We Connect App in das  
3. Enter and confirm the vTAN of the application in the  
infotainment system.  
The vTAN process is complete.  
Proof of identity (Volkswagen Ident)  
If the vTAN prompt window is not displayed automatically,  
Identity verification must be performed before you can use  
security-relevant We Connect services, such as the “Lock and  
Unlock” service. Identity accreditation can be done in two ways:  
please request the vTAN manually in “Mobile Key” or “User”.  
— In person at the Volkswagen dealer.  
data transmissions  
— By means of a videoconference providing the  
identity documents in the We Connect application.  
in der jeweils aktuellen Version über die Volkswagen  
Website aufgerufen werden kann.  
Permanent transfer of the  
You can find more information about Volkswagen  
Ident on the We Connect portal at  
vehicle If the vehicle was purchased used or  
someone else has left the vehicle for permanent  
use, We Connect may already be activated and the  
previous user still has the possibility of accessing the  
Data exchange during the video conference  
registered data via We Connect and control certain  
functions of your vehicle.  
may incur costs. Die Höhe die ser Kosten ist  
abhängig von Tarifen und Verträgen, die Sie mit  
Drittanbietern, z. B. Telefon- oder Mobil funkanbieter,  
abgeschlossen haben.  
In the infotainment system, you can check whether  
your vehicle is assigned to a person as the main  
user. In this case, you can register yourself as the  
main user of the vehicle and thus automatically delete  
the previous main user.  
legal provisions  
Alternatively, via the infotainment system you can  
permanently delete the previous user directly as  
main user, as well as put the vehicle in offline mode  
(ÿ p. 238) and thus limit both the communication of  
Bei der Nutzung der We Connect Dienste werden In  
formationen über das Fahrzeug online übertragen  
und verarbeitet. Diese Daten können zumindest indi  
rekt auch Aufschluss über den jeweiligen Fahrer zu  
lassen, z. B. Fahrverhalten. As a contracting party to  
the We Connect contract with Volkswagen AG, you  
must ensure that data protection and personal rights  
are respected when your vehicle is used by relatives,  
friends or other drivers. Therefore, you must inform  
drivers in advance that the vehicle transfers and  
receives data online, and that you can access said  
your vehicle with the data server of Volkswagen AG  
such as the processing of personal and vehicle data.  
Deactivate We Connect services  
To activate and deactivate the We Connect services,  
you have the following functions:  
Failure to take this obligation to inform into account  
may violate certain rights of the occupants.  
— Central deactivation or activation via the  
infotainment system ÿ p. 238, Privacy.  
— Individual deactivation or activation via your user  
Tracking services: query all occupants Tracking  
account on the We Connect portal or in the We  
services need vehicle and geographic data, for  
Connect app.  
example, to determine if the vehicle is being used  
within defined speed limits, where it has been parked  
Ein Ausführen der jeweiligen Dienste ist erst wieder  
möglich, nachdem die entsprechende Deaktivierung  
aufgehoben wird.  
or if it is being stopped. you are using in the set  
geographical area. Diese Informationen werden im  
We Connect Portal und in der We Connect App  
Streamingdienste, z. B. Apple Music, können nur ge  
meinsam aktiviert oder deaktiviert werden, auch  
wenn sie im individuellen Menü einzeln aufgeführt  
For this reason, before setting off, ask all the  
occupants of the vehicle if they agree with the  
activated services. Wenn das nicht der Fall ist,  
Services required by law and their data  
transmission cannot be switched off or  
deactivate, for example, the “emergency call  
system (eCall)”.  
deaktivieren Sie sofern möglich die Dienste oder  
schließen Sie den Insassen von der Fahrzeug  
nutzung aus.  
Personal information  
Volkswagen protects your personal data and uses  
it only insofar as this is permitted by law or you have  
given your consent for use. Nähere Informationen zur  
Datenve rarbeitung im Zusammenhang mit den We  
Auch wenn Voraussetzungen für die Nutzung der  
Dienste erfüllt sind, kann die Ausführung der  
We Connect Dienste durch Faktoren gestört oder  
unterbunden werden, die außerhalb der Kontrolle  
5 N M 0 1 2 7 6 0 A J  
Connect Diensten finden Sie in der  
Datenschutzerklärung, die  
If the data transmission is limited with the function  
for Volkswagen AG liegen. These may be in particular:  
In the “Privacy” section, it is not possible to enable or  
disable files separately.  
— Wartungen, Reparaturen, Deaktivierungen, Soft  
wareaktualisierungen und technische Erweiterun  
gen an den Telekommunikationsanlagen, Satelli  
ten, Servern und Datenbanken.  
Function button: function  
Service administration  
show services  
— Change of the mobile telephony standard for  
the transmission of mobile data by the  
telecommunications service provider, for example,  
from LTE or UMTS to EDGE or GPRS.  
All: overview of all services available in the  
Activate: to activate one or more services.  
Disable: to disable one or more services.  
— Disconnection of an existing mobile telephony  
standard by the telecommunications service provider.  
Fit options are not available in all markets or on all vehicle models.  
— Interference, disturbance or interruption in the  
GPS and mobile phone signal reception due to, for  
example, high-speed driving, solar storms, weather  
influences, topography, jamming equipment and  
Introduction to the topic  
intensive use of mobile phones on the radio cells in  
The “Privacy” function gradually allows or prevents  
data transmissions between the vehicle and the  
— When you are in areas with no or insufficient mobile  
phone or GPS coverage. Also p. g., in tunnels,  
confined areas between very tall buildings, garages,  
underpasses, mountains and valleys.  
The desired mode can be set in the infotainment  
The “Privacy” function only applies to data  
transmissions via the OCU with an integrated eSIM  
card. Die Datenübertragung eines gekoppelten Mobil  
telefons mit der Telefonschnittstelle kann über die  
— External information from third-party providers  
available with limitations, incomplete or incorrect,  
e.g. eg, representations of maps.  
— Länder and Regionen, in denen We Connect nicht  
angeboten wird.  
Funktion “Privatsphäre” nicht unterbunden werden.  
Die Funktion “Privatsphäre” ist nicht in allen Info  
tainment-Systemen verfügbar.  
Services required by law and their data transmission  
cannot be switched off or deactivated, for example  
Service administration  
the “emergency call system (eCall)”.  
Diensteverwaltung aufrufen: System Service antippen.  
With the service management you can do the  
Please note that all vehicle users can  
following in the infotainment system:  
configure individual settings in the “Privacy”  
— See which We Connect services are currently  
available in the vehicle.  
function. These settings may not match what the  
vehicle owner wants.  
— The number of We Connect services that are  
activated or deactivated.  
— Activate or deactivate We Connect services.  
To allow or prevent data transmissions, activate one  
of the following four modes in the infotainment system.  
If you deactivate each and every We Connect  
service, the OCU may continue to transmit  
Mode: Offline  
We Connect services can be activated and deactivated  
separately. To do this, open the dropdown menu on  
the service and select.  
In this mode the following happens:  
data transmissions  

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