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VW Tiguan 2021 Owner's Manual ➜ Introduction to the instrument panel

for a few seconds. The symbols will remain on until the cause is  
Symbol Meaning  
Speed regulation due to speed limitation  
If warnings about existing faults are displayed when the  
ignition is switched on, it may not be possible to make  
settings or display information in the manner described. In this  
case, go to a duly qualifi ed specialized workshop and request  
the repair of the anomalies. Volks wagen recommends a  
Volkswagen dealer.  
ÿ p. 192  
Warning and information messages  
When the ignition is switched on or while driving, the status  
Introduction to ins box  
of certain vehicle functions and components is checked.  
Faults are indicated on the instrument cluster display by red and  
yellow warning symbols accompanied by messages and, if  
necessary, by an acoustic signal. The representation of the  
messages and symbols may vary depending on the version of  
the instrument panel.  
The vehicle is equipped with a digital instrument panel. The  
instrument cluster shows basic information, such as speed.  
In addition, depending on the equipment, the following  
functions are available, among others:  
Existing anomalies can also be queried manually. To do this,  
— Different menus, e.g. eg for assistance  
open the menu Vehicle status or Vehicle ÿ p. 41.  
— Indications of the status of the assistance systems  
tension to the driver  
Warning with priority 1  
— Messages on the screen  
— Warning and control lights  
The red central warning lamp flashes or lights up, partly  
accompanied by acoustic warnings or additional symbols. Do  
not continue the march! Danger! Check the failing function.  
— Information on consumption and autonomy  
In the menus you can adjust the contents individually and make  
If so, contact a suitably qualified specialist workshop. Volkswagen  
recommends a Volkswagen dealer.  
If the driver is distracted while driving, accidents and serious  
injuries can occur.  
Warning with priority 2  
· Never operate the instrument panel during  
during the march  
The yellow central warning lamp flashes or lights up, partly  
accompanied by acoustic warnings or additional symbols.  
Malfunctions or lack of operating fluids can lead to vehicle damage  
· Only make adjustments to the instrument panel and  
infotainment system when the vehicle is stationary.  
and breakdown.  
Check the failing function as soon as possible. In this case, go  
to a duly qualified specialist workshop. Volkswagen recommends  
a Volkswagen dealer.  
Risk of accident if the digital instrument cluster fails. If the  
display is faulty or otherwise abnormal, the limited function of  
the safety-relevant systems cannot be detected. The functional  
safety of your vehicle may be impaired.  
Reference to information in the instruction manual  
You will find more information about the existing warning in the  
instruction manual.  
· Proceed carefully.  
Information message  
· Go to a duly qualified specialized workshop and request  
a vehicle inspection.  
Provides information about processes in the vehicle.  
Volkswagen recommends a Volkswagen dealer.  
If there are several warnings, the corresponding symbols  
will light up successively  
Driver Information  
After starting the engine with a deeply discharged  
custom comfort settings and schedules have been  
misadjusted or erased. Check and correct these settings  
when the battery is sufficiently charged.  
or recently replaced 12-volt battery, or after using  
the starting aid, some system settings, e.g. eg, the  
Digital instrument panel, Pro version  
Overview of the Pro version  
Fig. 10 Digital instrument panel in the instrument panel (schematic representation).  
1 Revolution counter (revolutions x 1000 per minute of the engine running) ÿ p. 30 2 Gear or selector  
lever position currently engaged or selected ÿ p. 144 3 Display indications 4 Speedometer  
5 Digital speed display  
The Digital Cockpit Pro is a digital instrument  
cluster with a high-resolution color TFT display. By  
selecting different information profiles, additional  
indications can be displayed to those of classic circular  
instruments, such as the rev counter.  
Hereinafter, the name "cua" will be used.  
Digital Instrument Dro, Pro version” for the Digital  
Cockpit Pro.  
5 N M 0 1 2 7 6 0 A J  
Digital instrument panel, Pro version  

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