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The system restarts in the following situations:  
Traffic Sign Detection System  
— The ignition is off.  
— The driver's seat belt is unbuckled and the driver's door is  
Introduction to the topic  
— The vehicle remains stationary for more than approx.  
15 minutes.  
The traffic sign detection system records standard traffic  
If you drive for a long time below approx. 60 km/h (37 mph),  
the system automatically stops assessing your fatigue. If you  
then drive faster again, your driving behavior will be reassessed.  
signs using a camera at the base of the interior rear-view  
mirror and informs you of speed limits and overtaking  
prohibitions that it recognizes. Within its limitations, the  
system also displays additional signals, such as temporary  
prohibitions or limitations that are only valid in case of rain.  
Even on routes without signs, the system can display, if  
necessary, the applicable speed limits.  
Managing the fatigue detection system  
Please note on  
page 36.  
at the beginning of this chapter,  
In Germany, on highways and motorways, in addition to speed  
limits and overtaking bans, the system displays the end of ban  
signs. In all other countries where the system works, the currently  
valid speed limit will be displayed instead.  
Hide the notice  
The warning on the instrument panel display automatically  
disappears after 5 seconds or can be hidden as follows:  
Vehicles without a multifunction steering  
wheel: 1. Press the windows button.  
of the wiper lever  
Traffic signs detected by the system are displayed on the  
instrument panel screen and on the infotainment system screen.  
Vehicles with a multifunction steering wheel:  
1. Press the button on the mulstitfeuenrcintigonwheel.  
Depending on the equipment, an indication also appears on the  
Switching the fatigue  
detection system on and off in the Infotainment System  
display of traffic signs  
Assistants menu ÿ p. 33.  
After starting the engine, the fatigue detection system  
switches on automatically.  
Fig. 25 On the instrument panel screen: examples  
of traffic sign displays.  
5 N M 0 1 2 7 6 0 A J  
Traffic Sign Detection System  
imposed by physical laws and only works within the limits of  
the system. Do not let the increased comfort provided by the  
traffic sign detection system induce you to take any risks that  
compromise safety. The system cannot replace the attention  
of the driver.  
· Always adapt your speed and driving style to the visibility,  
weather, road and traffic conditions.  
Poor visibility, darkness, snow, rain and fog may cause the  
system not to display traffic signs or not to display them at  
Fig. 26 On the instrument panel screen: examples  
of traffic sign displays.  
tre correctly.  
· If the camera's field of view is dirty, covered, or damaged,  
the system's operation may be affected.  
The recommendations for driving and traffic signs displayed  
by the traffic sign detection system may differ from the actual  
The system cannot recognize or display co  
Correctly all traffic signs.  
Fig. 27 On the instrument panel screen: examples  
of traffic sign displays.  
· The traffic signs on the road and the rules of the road take  
precedence over the recommendations and indications of  
the system.  
When the system is connected, after reviewing and evaluating  
the information from the camera, the infotainment system and  
the current vehicle data, up to three current traffic signs with their  
supplementary panels are displayed ÿ fig. 25, ÿ fig. 26, ÿ fig. 27:  
In the infotainment system's waypoint navigation mode, the  
traffic sign detection system is only available to a limited extent.  
First place: The currently valid signal for the driver appears  
on the left side of the screen, e.g. For example, a ban  
Some settings can be saved in personalization  
on driving faster than 130 km/h (80 mph).  
function user accounts and can therefore be changed  
automatically when switching user accounts ÿ p. 40.  
Second place: Secondly, a valid signal is displayed only under  
certain circumstances, e.g. eg 100 km/h (60 mph)  
with add-on rain panel.  
Limitations of the traffic sign detection  
Add-on panel:  
If the windscreen wipers are  
operating while driving, the signal with the  
complementary rain panel, for example, will be  
displayed first on the left as it is the one in effect at that  
Please note and  
at the beginning of this ca  
chapter, on page 37.  
Third place:  
Third you can show another  
Fault messages  
traffic sign, such as a ban on overtaking at certain  
The system is  
No traffic signs available. in the  
initialization phase.  
Or: The  
camera has not recognized any mandatory or prohibitive  
The intelligent technology of the traffic sign detection system  
cannot overcome the limits  
Driver Information  
Error: Detection of traffic signs.  
There is a fault in the  
Operate the traffic sign detection  
system. Go to a duly qualified specialized workshop.  
Volkswagen recommends a Volkswagen dealer.  
Please note and  
at the beginning of this ca  
the fun  
Speed warning not available at this time.  
chapter, on page 37.  
The speed warning system of the traffic sign detection  
system is ave  
Activating and deactivating  
stream. Go to a duly qualified specialist workshop.  
Volkswagen recommends a Volkswagen dealer.  
The permanent display of traffic signs on the instrument panel  
display can be activated and deactivated in the infotainment  
system in the vehicle settings menu.  
Traffic sign detection: Clean the windshield.  
The windshield  
is dirty in the area of the camera or its visibility is  
reduced by weather factors. Clean windshield.  
speed warning  
If the system detects that the permissible speed is currently  
exceeded, it warns if necessary acoustically or visually with a  
message in the instrument cluster display.  
Limited traffic sign detection at this time.  
There is no  
data transmission by the infotainment system. Check if  
the infotainment system has current maps.  
O well:  
The speed warning can be set or completely deactivated in  
the infotainment system, in the vehicle settings menu ÿ p. 41.  
Adjustment takes place in 5 km/h (3 mph) steps within a range  
from 0 km/h (mph) to 10 km (5 mph) above the maximum  
permissible speed.  
The vehicle is in a zone not in  
included in the infotain system map  
I lied.  
The signal detection system No data  
available. Traffic les does not work in the country where you  
are currently driving.  
Trailer mode On vehicles  
limited operation  
with a factory-fitted towing hitch and an electrically connected  
trailer, the display of specific traffic signs for vehicles towed with  
a trailer, such as speed limits or driving bans, can be switched  
on and off. current overtaking Activation or deactivation is done  
in the infotainment system, in the vehicle settings menu ÿ p. 41.  
The traffic sign detection system has certain limitations. The  
following conditions may cause the system to function in a  
limited way or not at all:  
— poor visibility, e.g. eg, if it snows;  
— glare, p. eg by oncoming traffic or solar radiation;  
— high speeds;  
For towing mode, the display of the current speed limits can be  
— covered or dirty chamber; —  
adjusted to the type of trailer and the legal provisions. Adjustment  
traffic signs outside the field of vision of the  
takes place in 10 km/h (5 mph) steps within a range between  
60 km/h (40 mph) and 130 km (80 mph). If a higher speed is set  
— partially or totally obscured traffic signs, e.g. eg by trees,  
snow, dirt or other vehicles;  
than the one permitted in the country in question for driving with  
a trailer, the system automatically displays the usual speed  
limits, e.g. eg 80 km/h (50 mph) in Germany.  
— non-compliant traffic signs; — damaged or bent traffic  
signs; — variable message signs located on signal  
gantries (variable indication of traffic signs by means of LEDs  
or other lighting units); — use of outdated maps in the system  
If the trailer speed warning is disabled, the system displays  
the speed limitations as if no trailer was towed.  
of infotainment;  
— stickers affixed to vehicles representing traffic signs, e.g. For  
example, speed limits on trucks.  
5 N M 0 1 2 7 6 0 A J  
Traffic Sign Detection System  
do. Here new users can log in or register and you can  
delete saved user accounts from the infotainment system  
memory ÿ p. 240.  
Open the user administration menu:  
Using the personalization function, individual vehicle  
1. Press User in the main menu.  
Open the settings menu:  
settings can be saved, e.g. air conditioning, for example,  
in a We Connect user account. The user identifies himself  
by logging into his We Connect user account in the  
1. Click Settings in the user administration menu.  
infotainment system.  
Change user account  
Changes made to the settings will be assigned to the  
user account that is active in the vehicle and, if there is  
an active Internet connection, will be automatically saved  
online in the We Connect account.  
You can select the user account in the user management  
menu. In this menu you can activate another existing user  
account in the vehicle, log in to an existing We Connect  
account, or sign in to We Connect with a new account.  
Greeting and user account selection After  
switching on the ignition, the name of the detected  
user appears in the infotainment system.  
Automatically assign a vehicle key to a user  
If automatic key assignment is activated, the user is  
recognized via the vehicle key.  
If automatic key assignment is selected, when changing  
user accounts the following key will be assigned to the  
user account:  
If automatic key assignment is not activated, the last user  
who logged into the vehicle is always displayed.  
Vehicles without the "Keyless Access" keyless entry  
and start system: The key with which the vehicle was  
If you are not the recognized user, you have the  
following possibilities:  
— Select your user account in the list with  
Vehicles with the "Keyless Access" keyless entry and  
locking system: The key first detected by the  
personalization function when opening the driver's  
rresponsive if you had already logged into the vehicle  
on another occasion.  
— Sign in to your We Con user account  
nect with your access data and thus add your user  
If automatic key assignment is deactivated, the vehicle  
account to the user list.  
key assignment is also deleted. In this case, when the  
— Create a new user account directly in the vehicle if you  
are not yet registered with We Connect.  
infotainment system is turned on, the last user who was  
active in the vehicle will always be displayed.  
If you do not wish to log in or register for We Connect,  
the infotainment system has a guest account. When  
switching to this account, the current vehicle settings are  
Synchronizing vehicle settings  
Changed vehicle settings in the vehicle are automatically  
assigned to the active user account and cyclically saved  
online. The synchronization of the vehicle settings with the  
data saved online is also carried out automatically,  
provided there is an Internet connection, in the following  
Once you have logged in, the vehicle settings saved online  
will be loaded and activated. The first time you log in to  
the vehicle with your user account, the factory settings will  
be active.  
— When switching on the ignition and switching on the  
infotainment system: All user accounts stored in the  
If the vehicle is equipped with seats with a memory  
vehicle that have been used recently are synchronised.  
function, you can manually override the  
corresponding setting on the infotainment system display.  
— When changing the user account: the  
account that has been activated and the one that has been  
Manage users and make settings  
In the user administration menu of the infotainment  
— When switching off the ignition at the end of the  
system, users can be managed and settings can be  
selected with the ignition on  
journey: the last user account that was active is  
Driver Information  

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