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VW Tiguan 2021 Owner's Manual ➜ Personalization

do. Here new users can log in or register and you can  
delete saved user accounts from the infotainment system  
memory ÿ p. 240.  
Open the user administration menu:  
Using the personalization function, individual vehicle  
1. Press User in the main menu.  
Open the settings menu:  
settings can be saved, e.g. air conditioning, for example,  
in a We Connect user account. The user identifies himself  
by logging into his We Connect user account in the  
1. Click Settings in the user administration menu.  
infotainment system.  
Change user account  
Changes made to the settings will be assigned to the  
user account that is active in the vehicle and, if there is  
an active Internet connection, will be automatically saved  
online in the We Connect account.  
You can select the user account in the user management  
menu. In this menu you can activate another existing user  
account in the vehicle, log in to an existing We Connect  
account, or sign in to We Connect with a new account.  
Greeting and user account selection After  
switching on the ignition, the name of the detected  
user appears in the infotainment system.  
Automatically assign a vehicle key to a user  
If automatic key assignment is activated, the user is  
recognized via the vehicle key.  
If automatic key assignment is selected, when changing  
user accounts the following key will be assigned to the  
user account:  
If automatic key assignment is not activated, the last user  
who logged into the vehicle is always displayed.  
Vehicles without the "Keyless Access" keyless entry  
and start system: The key with which the vehicle was  
If you are not the recognized user, you have the  
following possibilities:  
— Select your user account in the list with  
Vehicles with the "Keyless Access" keyless entry and  
locking system: The key first detected by the  
personalization function when opening the driver's  
rresponsive if you had already logged into the vehicle  
on another occasion.  
— Sign in to your We Con user account  
nect with your access data and thus add your user  
If automatic key assignment is deactivated, the vehicle  
account to the user list.  
key assignment is also deleted. In this case, when the  
— Create a new user account directly in the vehicle if you  
are not yet registered with We Connect.  
infotainment system is turned on, the last user who was  
active in the vehicle will always be displayed.  
If you do not wish to log in or register for We Connect,  
the infotainment system has a guest account. When  
switching to this account, the current vehicle settings are  
Synchronizing vehicle settings  
Changed vehicle settings in the vehicle are automatically  
assigned to the active user account and cyclically saved  
online. The synchronization of the vehicle settings with the  
data saved online is also carried out automatically,  
provided there is an Internet connection, in the following  
Once you have logged in, the vehicle settings saved online  
will be loaded and activated. The first time you log in to  
the vehicle with your user account, the factory settings will  
be active.  
— When switching on the ignition and switching on the  
infotainment system: All user accounts stored in the  
If the vehicle is equipped with seats with a memory  
vehicle that have been used recently are synchronised.  
function, you can manually override the  
corresponding setting on the infotainment system display.  
— When changing the user account: the  
account that has been activated and the one that has been  
Manage users and make settings  
In the user administration menu of the infotainment  
— When switching off the ignition at the end of the  
system, users can be managed and settings can be  
selected with the ignition on  
journey: the last user account that was active is  
Driver Information  
You can also manually start synchronization at any time  
Open the vehicle settings menu  
in the user administration menu, e.g. For example, if the  
1. Switch on the ignition.  
automatic synchronization failed at login. Synchronization  
cannot be carried out automatically if the online status of  
2. If necessary, switch on the infotain system  
I lied.  
the vehicle is depleted, e.g. For example, in underground  
garages, or if you have activated the “Maximum privacy”  
3. Depending on the version, press the key or the  
function button and select the Vehicle menu.  
Or: Depending on the version, press the key or  
the function button and select the Settings menu.  
If an inactive user account is active in another  
vehicle and settings are synced from there, these  
settings will also be uploaded to your vehicle and assigned  
to the corresponding account.  
Or: Press the function button in the  
Auto menu.  
and select  
4. To open other menus within the Vehicle settings menu or  
to make adjustments to menu options, briefly press the  
function button  
Vehicle settings that can be customized Vehicle  
functions that can be adjusted depend on equipment. Some  
customizable functions are not saved online, but are only  
assigned locally in the vehicle to the user account. The  
following functions can be customized:  
and the corresponding function buttons.  
5. To return to the previous menu, press the function button .  
If the function button check box is checked in question  
it is activated.  
, it means that the function  
— Opening and closing (individual opening of doors,  
comfort opening and windows)  
System settings and vehicle related information display  
— Wiper settings  
— Seat adjustments  
Depending on the version, by briefly pressing the  
— Lights and visibility (daytime running lights, dipped beam  
switch-on time, convenience indicators, etc.)  
corresponding function buttons in the Vehicle settings  
menu , information can be displayed or settings can be made:  
— Vehicle settings  
— Climate control settings  
— Active assistance systems  
— Depending on equipment: Think Blue. brought  
ner.ÿ p. 147  
— Driving profile selection  
— Depending on the equipment: power monitor  
— Multifunction gauge and instrument cluster  
— Depending on equipment: stopwatch  
(selection of indications)  
— Offroad indicator ÿ p. 172  
— Head-up-Display.  
— Independent heating settings ÿ p. 139 —  
Digital instrument panel ÿ p. 21, ÿ p. 23  
Vehicle Settings Menu  
ÿ p. 26, ÿ p. 28  
— Active media  
— Trip data ÿ p. 33  
— Vehicle status  
The infotainment system concentrates important  
vehicle functions and systems in a single central  
control unit, e.g. eg menu settings, radio equipment or  
navigation system. In the infotainment system, in the  
vehicle settings menu, you can activate and deactivate  
certain functions and systems, as well as make  
— Radio station selection  
After starting the engine with the 12 volt battery  
deeply discharged or re  
recently changed, or after using the startup help, some  
system settings, e.g. eg custom comfort settings and  
programming have been misadjusted or deleted. Check and  
correct these settings when the battery is sufficiently charged.  
General information on operation In the  
following section, all relevant information for making  
settings in the menu has been compiled.  
Vehicle settings.  
5 N M 0 1 2 7 6 0 A J  
Vehicle Settings Menu  

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