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If the data transmission is limited with the function  
for Volkswagen AG liegen. These may be in particular:  
In the “Privacy” section, it is not possible to enable or  
disable files separately.  
— Wartungen, Reparaturen, Deaktivierungen, Soft  
wareaktualisierungen und technische Erweiterun  
gen an den Telekommunikationsanlagen, Satelli  
ten, Servern und Datenbanken.  
Function button: function  
Service administration  
show services  
— Change of the mobile telephony standard for  
the transmission of mobile data by the  
telecommunications service provider, for example,  
from LTE or UMTS to EDGE or GPRS.  
All: overview of all services available in the  
Activate: to activate one or more services.  
Disable: to disable one or more services.  
— Disconnection of an existing mobile telephony  
standard by the telecommunications service provider.  
Fit options are not available in all markets or on all vehicle models.  
— Interference, disturbance or interruption in the  
GPS and mobile phone signal reception due to, for  
example, high-speed driving, solar storms, weather  
influences, topography, jamming equipment and  
Introduction to the topic  
intensive use of mobile phones on the radio cells in  
The “Privacy” function gradually allows or prevents  
data transmissions between the vehicle and the  
— When you are in areas with no or insufficient mobile  
phone or GPS coverage. Also p. g., in tunnels,  
confined areas between very tall buildings, garages,  
underpasses, mountains and valleys.  
The desired mode can be set in the infotainment  
The “Privacy” function only applies to data  
transmissions via the OCU with an integrated eSIM  
card. Die Datenübertragung eines gekoppelten Mobil  
telefons mit der Telefonschnittstelle kann über die  
— External information from third-party providers  
available with limitations, incomplete or incorrect,  
e.g. eg, representations of maps.  
— Länder and Regionen, in denen We Connect nicht  
angeboten wird.  
Funktion “Privatsphäre” nicht unterbunden werden.  
Die Funktion “Privatsphäre” ist nicht in allen Info  
tainment-Systemen verfügbar.  
Services required by law and their data transmission  
cannot be switched off or deactivated, for example  
Service administration  
the “emergency call system (eCall)”.  
Diensteverwaltung aufrufen: System Service antippen.  
With the service management you can do the  
Please note that all vehicle users can  
following in the infotainment system:  
configure individual settings in the “Privacy”  
— See which We Connect services are currently  
available in the vehicle.  
function. These settings may not match what the  
vehicle owner wants.  
— The number of We Connect services that are  
activated or deactivated.  
— Activate or deactivate We Connect services.  
To allow or prevent data transmissions, activate one  
of the following four modes in the infotainment system.  
If you deactivate each and every We Connect  
service, the OCU may continue to transmit  
Mode: Offline  
We Connect services can be activated and deactivated  
separately. To do this, open the dropdown menu on  
the service and select.  
In this mode the following happens:  
data transmissions  
— All We Connect, We Connect Plus and We Connect  
Fleet services are deactivated and are not sending  
via the We Connect portal or the We Connect  
— The eSIM card is activated.  
— All tracking services are out of service ÿ p.  
— All vehicle functions that require an Internet  
connection via the eSIM card are activated.  
— The eSIM card is disabled.  
— All vehicle functions that require an Internet  
connection via the eSIM card are disabled ÿ p.  
Status indication  
— Es können keine in den Steuergeräten hinterleg  
ten Informationen und Daten aktualisiert werden,  
z. B. Notrufnummern. This can reduce functions  
and services or even cause them to stop being  
The following symbols indicate individually or in  
combination the corresponding status of the  
“Privacy” function in the infotainment system.  
Gray globe (offline): no internet connection  
— Services required by law cannot be deactivated  
and continue to send data.  
White globe (online): Internet connection is  
Mode: No location  
In this mode the following happens:  
Kennzeichen für den Modus “Offline”.  
Symbol of the “No location” mode.  
— Die jeweils aktuelle Position des Fahrzeugs wird  
nicht gesendet.  
— All tracking services are out of service ÿ p.  
— The eSIM card remains active.  
Symbol of the “Use location” mode.  
— All vehicle functions that require an Internet  
connection via the eSIM card are activated ÿ p.  
Symbol of the “Share location” mode.  
Mode: Use location  
Darstellungsbeispiel für Modus “Offline”:  
In this mode the following happens:  
— Die jeweils aktuelle Position des Fahrzeugs wird  
anderen Personen nicht mitgeteilt.  
How it affects online features and  
tracking services  
— All tracking services are out of service ÿ p.  
When the data transfer is restricted, for example, the  
following online vehicle functions and tracking services  
cannot be executed.  
— The eSIM card remains active.  
— All vehicle functions that require an Internet  
connection via the eSIM card are activated.  
Some online vehicle features and tracking services  
are only available in certain markets and vehicle  
Mode: Share location  
In this mode the following happens:  
Vehicle online functions  
— All We Connect, We Connect Plus and We Connect  
— Emergency call service  
Fleet services can send and receive data without  
— Online burglar alarm.  
— All tracking services are active  
— Online voice management.  
— Update of online maps.  
— Online traffic information.  
— Only the main user and co-users can access  
the vehicle position data  
5 N M 0 1 2 7 6 0 A J  
— Personalization.  
- Upgrade system.  
guest user only has limited access to certain mobile online  
— Registration and activation of We Connect.  
anonymous user  
tracking services  
— Vehicle location.  
— Zone notification.  
— Speed notification.  
— Parking position.  
The “anonymous user” role is an impersonal and local account  
existing in the vehicle, which cannot be synchronized with the  
server. Such an account only exists on vehicles with online  
personalization and cannot be deleted.  
If the “anonymous user” role is activated in the vehicle, all users  
logged in to the vehicle are temporarily logged out.  
For new vehicle online functions and tracking services  
that are being put on  
will soon be available in the vehicle, these limitations also  
Anonymous users are people who have access to the vehicle,  
but do not log in.  
Users Management  
Create and delete user roles  
Description of user roles  
Create main users Sign in to  
We Connect and add your user account to your vehicle.  
Open user administration: On the home page of the infotainment  
system, tap the main menu Users or User administration.  
Create cousers  
New users can log in to the vehicle with their We Connect  
account or re-register. In doing so, a user profile is automatically  
Main user The role  
created in the infotainment system.  
of “main user” is intended for the owner of the vehicle or for  
users of the vehicle who are only temporarily authorized, for  
example, leasing tenants or drivers of company vehicles. The  
primary user has unlimited rights and can grant additional rights  
to other vehicle users by inviting them as co-users.  
If a new user has not been invited as a user by the main user,  
the user profile is automatically saved as a guest user in the  
infotainment system.  
Delete main user  
1. In the privacy settings, select the mode “Share location” or  
If another user legitimately becomes the primary user of the  
“Online mode”.  
vehicle, the previous primary user automatically loses their  
primary user role.  
2. Infotainment-System auf Werkseinstellung zu rücksetzen  
Oder: Einen neuen Nutzer im Fahrzeug legiti mieren.  
The role of "co-user" is intended for users who use the vehicle  
regularly. The position of the co-users is derived from the main  
user: he has to invite the co-users to the vehicle. The main user  
can remove co-users whenever they want.  
If another privacy setting is selected, the primary user  
can still remain on the server.  
guest user  
The “guest user” role is intended for users who use the vehicle  
sporadically or only once. The guest user can register for it in  
any vehicle eligible for the services, without the need for the  
participation of the main user. Any user in the vehicle can remove  
the guest user in the vehicle at any time. He  
Open the settings menu in the infotainment system:  
1. HOME Nutzerverwaltung antippen.  
Oder: MENU Nutzerverwaltung antippen.  
data transmissions  
Diese Einstellmöglichkeiten können je nach Ausstat tung des  
Function anomalous or temporarily unavailable.  
Fahrzeugs vorhanden sein: — I (main user).  
Eine Mobilfunkverbindung ist in folgenden Fällen notwendig:  
— Others (co-users).  
- Keys.  
— Fur den Kauf der Funktion  
— Zur Aktivierung der Funktion.  
— Settings.  
— Zur Ausführung von aktivierten Funktionen, die eine  
dauerhafte Konnektivität benötigen.  
Activate functions (We  
Upgra de)  
Aktivierbare Funktionen für das Fahrzeug sind in die ser  
Betriebsanleitung oder im Infotainment-System, auf der  
Volkswagen Website oder in Ihrem We Connect Benutzerkonto  
beschrieben. Einige Funktionen benötigen keine Beschreibung,  
z. B. Funktionen zur optischen oder farblichen Änderung des  
Introduction to the topic  
After delivery, certain functions may be added to the vehicle.  
Aktivierte Funktionen sind nicht an die Laufzeit des We Connect  
Vertrags gebunden.  
Abhängig vom Fahrzeugmodell können grundsätz lich Komfort-  
und Infotainment-Funktionen sowie Fahrerassistenzsysteme  
aktiviert und freigeschaltet werden.  
Requirements to activate a function  
The activation of functions depends on the production state of  
the vehicle. Activation of functions is only possible in some  
vehicle models and not in all markets.  
— A suitable infotainment system is mounted in the vehicle.  
— Compatibilität und Leistungsfähigkeit der im  
Lesen und beachten Sie vor Nutzung der aktivierten Funktion die  
jeweiligen Informationen und Warnhin weise in der  
Betriebsanleitung oder in der ggf. be reitgestellten digitalen  
Fahrzeug vorhandenen Hardware sind sicherges tellt.  
— There is a We Connect contract in force between you and  
In case of lending or selling the vehicle, inform the user or the  
— The vehicle is assigned to your user account  
buyer about the activated functions.  
by WeConnect.  
— Ausreichender Mobilfunkempfang am aktuellen Standort  
des Fahrzeugs ist vorhanden.  
Wenn die notwendige Hardware im Fahrzeug für die  
aktivierbare Funktion nicht vorhanden  
— The vehicle's electrical system is operational.  
— 12-Volt-Fahrzeugbatterie ist ausreichend geladen.  
ist, kann die Hardware in einigen Fällen durch einen hierfür  
qualifizierten Fachbetrieb nachgerüstet wer den. Volkswagen  
recommends a Volkswagen dealer.  
— Werkseitig eingebaute OCU oder in einigen Län dern das  
We Connect Steuergerät ist vorhanden.  
If the software required for the function to be activated is  
not available in the vehicle, it can be installed later p. 232,  
System update. Depending on the type of software, it may be paid.  
Operations for an Activation  
Fahren Sie das Fahrzeug während einer Aktivierung nicht.  
1. Switch on the ignition.  
2. Confirm activation in the infotain system  
I lied.  
Wenn die Funktion ordnungsgemäß aktiviert ist, kann sie bis  
zum Ende der vereinbarten Laufzeit ge nutzt werden.  
3. During activation, note the information displayed in the info  
tainment system.  
5 N M 0 1 2 7 6 0 A J  
Indicates that a function is activated.  
After activation, for some functions it is necessary to disconnect  
and return  
activate functions  

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