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VW Tiguan 2021 Owner's Manual ➜ General instructions regarding parking systems

When the vehicle starts moving or the requirements of the Auto-  
Hold function are not met, the vehicle is no longer held.  
General indications  
regarding parking systems  
1. Press the button  
ÿ .  
The indicator light ÿ fig. 160 of the key  
safety instructions  
goes out. troll  
The electronic parking brake engages automatically to hold the  
vehicle safely.  
The intelligent technology of parking systems cannot  
overcome the limits imposed by physical laws and only works  
within the limits of the systems. Never allow the greater comfort  
provided by parking systems to induce you to take risks that  
compromise safety. Parking systems cannot replace driver  
However, if the brake pedal is depressed when deactivating the  
function, the electronic parking brake will not engage ÿ .  
Temporarily disengaging with the key  
When maneuvering it may be necessary to temporarily  
disengage the Auto Hold function to make it easier for the  
vehicle to roll.  
· Always adapt your speed and driving style to the visibility,  
weather, road and traffic conditions.  
1. Depress the brake pedal with the engine running.  
2. Press the key. The Auto-Hold function is deactivated  
· Never lose sight of the parking direction and the relevant  
surroundings of the vehicle.  
The Auto-Hold function is reactivated as soon as  
the brake pedal is depressed while the vehicle is stopped.  
Pay special attention to small children, animals and objects.  
· Please note that parking systems cannot react and issue a  
warning if you approach too quickly.  
The intelligent technology of the Auto-Hold function cannot  
overcome the limits imposed by physical laws and only works  
within the limits of the system. Never let the increased comfort  
provided by the Auto-Hold feature induce you to take any risk  
that compromises safety.  
· Don't get distracted from the traffic by the indications of the  
parking systems.  
· When the vehicle needs to be stopped safely, make sure  
Camera lenses magnify and distort the field of view. The image  
that the control indicator lights up green or red in the  
of the cameras does not allow to accurately calculate the  
instrument cluster. When the control indicator is lit green,  
distance at which people and obstacles are and, therefore,  
the Auto-Hold function holds the vehicle; when lit red, it is  
accidents and serious injuries can occur.  
held by the electronic parking brake.  
you see.  
· Do not rely solely on the representation of the cameras.  
· Never leave the vehicle with the engine running and the  
Auto-Hold function activated.  
· The Auto-Hold function cannot always hold the vehicle  
stationary uphill or slow it down sufficiently downhill, eg. For  
In parking spaces without a curb, keep a distance of 50 cm (20  
inches) from walls and buildings to avoid damage to the vehicle.  
example, on slippery or icy surfaces.  
Limitations of sensors and cameras  
The automatic connection of the parking brake  
Various sensors and cameras are mounted both inside and  
electronic equipment in an automatic car wash installation could  
outside the vehicle that capture the vehicle's surroundings by  
means of ultrasound, radar electromagnetic waves or visually.  
The different parking systems used  
cause damage.  
· Always deactivate the Auto-Hold function before entering an  
automatic car wash.  
park and maneuver  
They use different combinations of sensors. All sensors have  
tuition. The trim frame or the license plate must not  
protrude laterally or downwards.  
technical and physical limitations ÿ : — Under certain  
circumstances, some objects are not detected, such as  
towbars, bars, fences, posts or thin trees, very low or very  
high obstacles, or an open tailgate or that it is opening ÿ .  
ÿ The terrain is flat.  
ÿ The vehicle is not heavily loaded on the rear  
will be or on one of the sides.  
ÿ The engine is running.  
— The parking system detection zones have “blind” angles in  
which objects and people cannot be detected.  
ÿ The braking assistance systems are connected ÿ p. 224.  
— In some cases, dirt may be detected  
If other functions are operated in the infotainment  
system during parking, the parking function is  
deactivated, including the acoustic warnings.  
ity, ice and water that may be on the sensors or cameras as  
if it were an obstacle or these elements may impair the  
detection of objects. In addition to being cloudy and snowy,  
the visibility of the sensors can also be reduced by traces of  
detergent or some coating ÿ p. 212.  
Find a suitable parking space  
In order for a suitable parking space to be correctly displayed  
or detected, the following requirements should be met: ÿ The  
length and width of the parking space are greater than the  
— Sensor signals can be affected by external sound sources  
and by certain surfaces of objects and clothing.  
dimensions of the vehicle and offer sufficient space for  
Under certain circumstances, this could prevent the  
presence of people or objects from being detected or  
detected correctly.  
ÿ The distance when passing the parking space is approx.  
— Some objects may only be displayed dimly or not at all, eg  
railings and thin posts, due to screen resolution or  
insufficient light conditions.  
1 meter (3 feet). ÿ Vehicles with an assisted parking  
system (Park Assist): the speed when passing next to a  
parking space parallel to the road is 40 km/h (25 mph)  
maximum, and in the case of parking spaces  
perpendicular to the road, 20 km/h (12 mph) maximum  
— Camera images displayed on the screen are only two-  
dimensional. Due to a lack of spatial depth, those objects  
that protrude or cavities in the road, for example, can only  
be seen with difficulty or not at all.  
Indications in the infotainment system  
To familiarize yourself with the parking systems and  
their functions, Volkswagen recommends practicing  
your driving in a place without too much traffic or in a car park.  
The selection of possible settings varies depending on the  
country, the equipment in question and the equipment of  
the vehicle.  
The approach of the vehicle to an obstacle is represented  
in the infotainment system with segments and is supplemented  
by acoustic signals. The indication may vary depending on the  
General information  
In order for the sensors and cameras to capture the vehicle's  
surroundings as well as possible and be able to display it in  
the infotainment system, the following requirements must be  
met: ÿ The doors and the tailgate are closed  
The collision zone is reached at the latest when the  
penultimate segment is displayed. Do not continue the  
All equipment and representations are described without  
specifying whether they are optional equipment or model  
versions. The availability of these systems depends on the  
equipment of the vehicle.  
ÿ The exterior mirrors are not folded. ÿ Sensors or cameras  
are not covered  
5 N M 0 1 2 7 6 0 A J  
with accessories or trim frames for the  
General indications regarding parking systems  

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