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VW Tiguan 2021 Owner's Manual ➜ Legal guarantee

· Turn off the device immediately if you suspect it  
is causing interference to a live medical implant  
or other medical device.  
Information for the client  
legal guarantee  
Legal guarantee of dealers  
Volkswagen dealers guarantee the perfect condition of  
their vehicles and deal with warranty claims.  
See the details of the legal and commercial guarantee in  
the sales contract or contact a Volkswagen dealer.  
Legal guarantee for paint and  
wax car  
Volkswagen dealers grant a guarantee that covers the  
paint and bodywork of their vehicles.  
As a complement to the legal guarantee clauses  
applicable to new Volkswagen vehicles, which appear in  
the sales contract, they grant a commercial guarantee of  
a certain time that covers paint and perforations due to  
corrosion in the bodywork:  
— A 3-year warranty covering defects in  
— a 12-year warranty covering perforation corrosion. By  
"corrosion perforation" is meant a perforation in the  
sheet metal of the carriage which passes from the inner  
(hollow) part to the outer part.  
If, however, such damage occurs, any Volkswagen dealer  
will repair it without charge for labor and material costs.  
The guarantee will not be applicable in the following ca  
you are:  
— In case of damage due to external influences or  
insufficient care of the vehicle.  
— In the event of damage to the bodywork or paintwork  
that has not been remedied in time in accordance with  
the manufacturer's instructions.  
— In the event of perforations due to corrosion that are  
due to the fact that the repairs carried out on the  
bodywork have not been carried out in accordance with  
the manufacturer's prescriptions.  
5 N M 0 1 2 7 6 0 A J  
After the bodywork or paint repairs have been completed,  
the Volkswagen dealer certifies  
legal guarantee  
The guarantee against perforation due to corrosion of the repaired  
areas will be specified.  
Therefore, the data generated or processed by the control units  
can be of a personal nature or, under certain conditions,  
become so. If necessary, based on the available vehicle data,  
conclusions can be drawn about e.g. For example, your driving  
style, your location, your itinerary or your usage behaviour.  
Long Term Mobility Guarantee  
Your rights with regard to data protection Under  
In many European countries, the selling Volks wagen dealer  
grants an extensive Long Term Mobility Guarantee to new  
vehicles from the factory. This guarantee applies from the  
delivery of the vehicle and until the interval of the first inspection  
is fulfilled.  
current data protection legislation, you have certain rights  
against Volkswagen regarding the possible processing of your  
personal data.  
According to it, you have the right to ask Volkswagen or third  
parties, e.g. For example, breakdown service companies,  
garages or online in-vehicle service providers, who inform you  
extensively and free of charge, as long as they have stored your  
personal data, what data they have about you and for what  
purpose, as well as the origin of the same. You can also request  
information about the transfer of data to other instances.  
If you purchase the vehicle directly from Volks wagen AG, the  
latter grants you the Long-Term Mobility Guarantee from the  
date of delivery and until the first inspection interval expires.  
Your Volkswagen dealer will extend the Long-Term Mobility  
Guarantee until the next prescribed inspection if it is carried out  
at his premises. The cost of the complete service package is  
included in the price of the service.  
You will find more information about your legal rights, e.g. For  
For details on the benefits, conditions and terms of the Long-  
Term Mobility Guarantee, please contact a Volkswagen dealer.  
example, to delete or rectify data, in the applicable data  
protection legal notices on the Volkswagen website, including  
contact details and a note about the data protection officer.  
With specialized help, e.g. For example, in a workshop (if  
necessary, against payment), you can retrieve data that is only  
stored locally in the vehicle.  
Memories and data services  
Valid in EU countries governed by the Union's General Data  
Protection Regulation  
Legal requirements for data disclosure Insofar as  
there are legal provisions in this regard, Volkswagen is obliged  
in exceptional cases to provide, to the extent necessary, the data  
available to it at the request of public bodies, e.g. For example, to  
solve a crime.  
Data processing in the vehicle  
Electronic control units are mounted in the vehicle. The  
control units process data that e.g. For example, they receive  
from the vehicle's sensors, generate themselves or exchange  
with each other. Some of them are necessary for the safe  
operation of the vehicle, others support driving (driver assistance  
systems) and still others enable comfort functions or additional  
functions of the infotainment system.  
Public bodies are also authorized, within the framework of current  
legislation, to consult the vehicle data themselves in isolated  
cases. Thus, in the event of an accident, they could e.g. For  
example, consult information registered in the airbag control unit  
that could help to clarify said accident.  
Personal references All vehicles are  
Vehicle operating data  
identified with an unequivocal chassis number. This vehicle  
identification number can be used to identify the current and  
previous owners of the vehicle, e.g. In Germany, for example,  
The control units process data for vehicle operation.  
by asking the Federal Office for Motor Vehicles. There are also  
other ways to identify the owner or the driver from data taken  
For example:  
— Information on the condition of the vehicle,  
from the vehicle, e.g. eg, registration.  
p. eg speed, deceleration, lateral acceleration, number of  
wheel revolutions, indication of fastened seat belts, etc.  
Information for the client  

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