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VW Tiguan 2021 Owner's Manual ➜ Delivery and scrapping of vehicles at the end of its life

used, including the copyright information of the  
corresponding relevant open source license  
conditions, as well as the texts of those licences. The  
source code of certain open source software  
components can be obtained from the vehicle  
manufacturer. The manufacturer will provide you with  
the source code in accordance with the relevant  
license conditions, at your sole expense the costs of  
preparation (such as the cost of data carriers and  
shipping costs). You can check the necessary  
information on the website mentioned above.  
Important information for  
vehicles in the category  
N1 (light commercial vehicle)  
In the case of vehicles intended for the transport of  
goods with a maximum authorized mass not  
greater than 3.5 t (category N1 in Europe), please  
note the following information:  
Variants and number of  
seats There are different versions of vehicles in the  
N1 category based on a Volkswagen car. Thus, the  
number of places may be limited to two or four.  
Two-seater vehicles: Since they are not equipped with  
a rear seat, the floor at the rear of the passenger  
compartment is not covered ÿ .  
Delivery and scrapping of  
vehicles at the end of their useful life  
Four-seater vehicles: The rear seat is designed in  
such a way that the center seat can not be used ÿ .  
Delivery of vehicles at the end of their useful life  
The vehicle must be recycled/managed as waste  
in an environmentally friendly manner at the end of its  
useful life. For this reason, in the EU countries and in  
many others, the last owner of the vehicle is legally  
obliged to deliver it to an authorized collection point,  
reception center or disassembly plant.  
Safe transport of children  
On the seats of these vehicles, approved child  
restraint systems can be used, as in the case of  
category M1 vehicles (passenger cars) ÿ page. 60.  
Volkswagen has already prepared for that moment:  
in all EU countries and many others, there is an  
extensive network of vehicle reception centers where  
you can deliver your vehicle. The delivery of the  
vehicle is free within the EU, provided that the national  
legal provisions are complied with.  
Driving with a trailer If  
the vehicle is approved for driving with a trailer,  
please note the country-specific regulations regarding  
driving with a trailer and the use of a towing device.  
The reception center will issue you a certificate  
documenting the recycling of the vehicle according  
to the regulations.  
If the maximum permissible mass for the vehicle or  
for the rear axle is exceeded, do not drive faster than  
80 km/h with a trailer attached. This also applies in  
those countries where faster driving is permitted.  
Take into account the maximum speed allowed in the  
corresponding country for vehicles driving with a  
trailer, as it could be lower than that allowed for  
vehicles driving without one.  
Information about reception centers can be obtained  
from Volkswagen dealers.  
When scrapping the vehicle or certain components  
of it, such as the airbag system and seat belt  
pretensioners, it is essential to take into account the  
current safety regulations. Appropriately qualified  
specialized workshops are familiar with these  
regulations. Volkswagen recommends a Volkswagen  
Whether it is permissible to exceed the vehicle  
masses is stated in the vehicle documentation. If it is  
not allowed to exceed them, you can drive at 100 km/  
h as long as you do not contravene the laws of the  
country in question.  
Technical data  
The technical data can be found in the vehicle  
Information for the client  

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