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VW Tiguan 2021 Owner's Manual ➜ Leave a parking spot assist

3. Press the key.  
The intelligent technology of parking systems  
cannot overcome the limits imposed by physical  
laws and only works within the limits of the systems.  
Failure to take this into account can lead to accidents,  
1. Before using the assistant for maneuvers with  
trailer, note the requirements ÿ p. 222.  
serious injuries and vehicle damage.  
2. Release the steering wheel ÿ .  
3. Tilt the rotary knob to the desired direction. A  
representation of the towing vehicle and trailer  
combination in the current position appears on  
the instrument panel screen as an orientation ÿ  
fig. 173.  
· Always remain attentive to traffic and always take  
into account the surroundings of the vehicle.  
· If necessary, the car park exit attendant  
ment cannot detect all approaching objects, e.g.  
eg, those who do it very quickly or pedestrians.  
4. Accelerate and back up slowly. notice the in  
connect and disconnect  
5. If necessary, correct the angle with the hand  
1. Press the key  
rotating C ÿ fig. 172 1  
6. Push the stick left or right to determine the  
direction of travel.  
Or: depending on the equipment, press the  
driver assistance systems button.  
7. Pull the control rearward to move in the direction  
of the trailer.  
Or: Depending on the equipment, open the  
vehicle settings in the infotainment system ÿ p.  
8. Back and forth until you reach the desired position.  
2. Turn the exit assistant on or off  
The maneuver ends when a message to this effect  
appears on the instrument panel display and, if  
necessary, an acoustic signal sounds.  
This setting can be saved in personalization  
function user accounts and can therefore be  
automatically changed when switching user accounts ÿ  
p. 40.  
Rapid turns of the steering wheel can cause  
serious injury.  
· Do not hold the steering wheel during the maneuver  
while the system does not indicate it.  
· If a dangerous situation occurs, intervene and take  
over the direction.  
When trailer shunting assist is active, the  
door mirrors cannot be adjusted ÿ p. 129.  
While Trailer Shunt Assist is active, the  
vehicle will not be able to travel faster than  
approx. 6 km/h (4 mph).  
parking exit attendant  
Fig. 174 Schematic representation of the parking exit  
assistant: monitored area around the vehicle that is  
being vacated.  
Parking Exit Assist monitors cross-direction traffic  
when reversing out of a parking space or when  
5 N M 0 1 2 7 6 0 A J  
parking exit attendant  
Brake assist systems  
Information regarding brake assist systems  
Brake assist systems can help the driver in critical  
driving or braking situations. The driver is responsible  
for driving safely ÿ .  
Fig. 175 In the infotainment system: display of the  
park exit assistant.  
When the relevant brake assist system regulates,  
continue to brake hard enough and, if necessary,  
control the trajectory of the vehicle.  
The park exit assistant works with radar sensors mounted  
in the rear bumper.  
The system detects objects approaching or moving from  
behind or from the sides ÿ fig. 174 and warns the driver  
of possible obstacles ÿ .  
The intelligent technology of brake assist systems  
cannot overcome the limits imposed by the laws of  
physics and only works within the limits of the systems.  
Driving at high speed on icy, slippery or wet roads can  
cause loss of vehicle control and serious injury to the  
driver and passengers.  
If there is an obstacle, a warning signal sounds.  
Depending on the equipment, the obstacle area is  
displayed in color in the infotainment system ÿ fig. 175  
or a warning or control lamp is displayed with a  
message in the instrument panel.  
· Always adapt your speed and driving style to the  
visibility, weather, road and traffic conditions.  
Never take any risk that compromises safety.  
Obstacle detected. Be aware of traffic behind  
the vehicle!  
Automatic intervention on the brakes by the  
car park exit attendant  
· Brake assistance systems cannot prevent an  
accident if you are driving too close to other  
Apply the brake to hold the vehicle once  
· Always use suitable tires. Driving stability depends  
If the driver does not react, an automatic intervention  
on the grip of the tyres.  
of the brakes may take place ÿ p. 211.  
If the parking aid is deactivated, no warnings can be  
· Always leave the area under the pedals free so  
issued to the driver. The parking exit assistant will also  
that the brake pedal can move freely.  
be temporarily switched off.  
— ESC, ABS and ASR can only work properly if all  
four wheels have the intended tires ÿ .  
Particularities in case of towing a trailer  
The park exit assist is deactivated if the factory-fitted  
towing hitch is electrically connected to a trailer.  
— If there is a fault in the ABS, the ESC, ASR and EDS  
also stop working.  
When the ignition is switched on, the status of the  
braking functions is automatically checked. The control  
indicators light up briefly and go out again. If any control  
indicator remains on, there is a fault. Immediately go to  
a suitably qualified specialist workshop.  
Volkswagen recommends a Volkswa dealer  
park and maneuver  

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