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VW Tiguan 2021 Owner's Manual ➜ Black Box (Event Data Recorder)

has connected to the vehicle, e.g. For example, a  
mobile phone, a USB flash drive or an MP3 player.  
As long as this data is stored in the vehicle, it can  
be deleted at any time.  
legal, contractual agreement or consent, personal  
data is only collected, processed and used to make  
the services available.  
You can activate and deactivate services and  
This data is only passed on to third parties at your  
request, based on the settings you have selected  
(especially in the context of using online services).  
functions (some of which are paid for) and in some  
cases also the entire data connection in the vehicle. HE  
except special functions and services prescribed by  
law, p. eg emergency call systems.  
Mobile phone integration If the  
Thirdparty services  
vehicle is equipped with the corresponding  
equipment, you can connect your mobile phone or  
other mobile terminal, if they have the corresponding  
function, to the vehicle so that you can control them  
with the controls integrated in the vehicle. In this  
case, the image and sound of the mobile phone can  
be viewed and heard through the infotainment  
system. At the same time, certain information is  
transmitted to your mobile phone. For example,  
depending on the type of integration, data on the  
position and other general vehicle information. In  
this regard, please inform yourself about the display  
of applications in the infotainment system.  
If there is the possibility of using online services  
from other providers, these providers are solely  
responsible for said services, and these services  
are subject to the data protection and use conditions  
of said providers. Volkswagen has no influence on  
the content exchanged within the framework of these  
For this reason, ask the provider in question about  
the type, scope and purpose of the collection and  
use of personal data in the context of the services  
it provides.  
This makes it possible to use certain applications  
installed on the mobile phone, e.g. g., navigation or  
music playback. No other interaction between the  
mobile phone and the vehicle takes place, especially  
no active access to vehicle data. The provider of the  
application used determines the type of processing  
to which the data is subsequently subjected.  
Depending on the application in question and the  
operating system of your mobile phone, you may or  
may not make settings for it.  
Black box (Event Data  
This vehicle is equipped with a black box. The  
main function of a black box is to record data that  
helps analyze how vehicle systems have behaved  
in the event of accidents.  
two in special circumstances or in case of accident-  
like situations, e.g. For example, in the event of an  
airbag deployment or collision with an obstacle on  
the road. The black box is designed to record ride  
dynamics and restraint system data for a brief period  
of 30 seconds or less. The black box of this vehicle  
is designed to record, among others, the following  
online services  
If the vehicle has a connection to a wireless network,  
this makes it possible to exchange data between  
the vehicle and other systems. The connection to  
the wireless network is established via the vehicle's  
own transmitter and receiver unit or via its mobile  
terminal, e.g. For example, a mobile phone.  
Via this connection you can use online functions  
such as online services and applications (apps)  
from Volkswagen or other providers.  
— how various vehicle systems have performed  
— whether the driver and front passenger seat  
belts were fastened/fastened, — how hard the  
Manufacturer's own services  
driver pressed the brake and/or accelerator pedal  
(if at all),  
In the case of Volkswagen online services, the  
corresponding functions and the data protection  
information related to them are described or located  
in an appropriate place, e.g. For example, in an own  
description of services or on an Internet page.  
Personal data may be used for the provision of  
online services. The data exchange takes place via  
a secure connection, e.g. For example, using the  
manufacturer's IT systems provided for this purpose.  
Unless you have permission  
— how fast the vehicle was traveling.  
These data help to better understand the  
circumstances of situations in which accidents occur  
and injuries occur.  
Data from driver assistance systems is also  
recorded. In addition to information about whether  
the systems were online, offline,  
Information for the client  
only partially available or inactive, it can also be  
checked whether these functions controlled,  
— If any part of the vehicle that bears a sticker or  
sign is replaced, a specialized workshop qualified  
accelerated or braked the vehicle in the situations  
to do so must affix an identical sticker or sign to  
the new parts in the same place. Volkswagen  
mentioned above. Depending on the equipment,  
these systems and functions can include, e.g. eg:  
recommends a Volkswagen dealer.  
— adaptive cruise control  
— Lane Departure Warning Assist  
Security certificate  
A safety certificate attached to the driver's door pillar  
informs you that at the time of production, all the  
necessary safety standards and the regulations of  
the road safety authorities of the country in question  
were met. It may also include the month and year of  
production, as well as the vehicle's chassis number.  
Observe the instructions in the instruction manual.  
— parking assistants — emergency  
brake functions  
The vehicle only records the black box data if a  
strange situation such as an accident occurs. Under  
normal running conditions, no black box data is  
recorded. Personal data such as name, gender, age  
or place of accident are not recorded either. However,  
third parties, such as police and judicial authorities,  
can link the contents of the black box with other data  
sources using specific means to do so and associate  
it with someone during the investigation of an accident.  
Improper use of the vehicle increases the risk of  
accidents and injuries.  
· Observe the legal provisions.  
· Observe the instruction manual.  
Consulting the black box data requires special  
equipment and access to the vehicle or black box. In  
addition to the vehicle manufacturer, third parties,  
such as the police and judicial authorities, who have  
the corresponding equipment can consult the  
information as long as they have access to the vehicle  
or the black box.  
Improper use of the vehicle can cause damage to  
· Observe the legal provisions.  
Volkswagen will not access, consult or process the  
black box data unless the owner of the vehicle (or in  
the case of leasing, the lessor) gives his consent, or  
unless there are contractual or legal provisions in this  
· Carry out maintenance work as prescribed.  
air conditioning fluids  
Due to the legal obligation to observe the product,  
Volkswagen is authorized to use the data for field  
analysis and for the purpose of research and quality  
improvement of vehicle safety systems. For research  
purposes, Volks wagen makes the data available to  
third parties in an anonymous form, that is, without  
the possibility of drawing conclusions about the  
Air conditioning refrigerant There  
is a sticker in the engine compartment with  
information on the type and amount of refrigerant  
used in the vehicle's air conditioning. The sticker is  
located at the front of the engine compartment, near  
the refrigerant filler neck.  
particular vehicle, nor about the owner of the vehicle  
or the lessee of the vehicle in the case of leasing.  
Warning: Only duly qualified technical  
personnel are authorized to carry out  
maintenance work on the air conditioner.  
Stickers and signs  
Type of refrigerant  
In the engine compartment and on other vehicle  
components, there are stickers and signs from the  
factory with important information for the operation  
of the vehicle.  
Type of refrigerator oil  
— Never remove these stickers and signs and protect  
cure keep them readable.  
See workshop documentation (only available  
to Volkswagen dealers).  
5 N M 0 1 2 7 6 0 A J  
Stickers and signs  

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