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VW Tiguan 2021 Owner's Manual ➜ Fuel level gauge

If there are several warnings, the corresponding  
fuel level indicator  
symbols will light up successively for a few  
seconds. The symbols will remain on until the cause  
is removed.  
If warnings about existing faults are displayed  
Digital fuel level gauge  
when the ignition is switched on, it may not be  
possible to make settings or display information in  
the manner described. In this case, go to a duly  
qualifi ed specialized workshop and request the  
repair of the anomalies. Volks wagen recommends  
a Volkswagen dealer.  
Rev counter  
The beginning of the red area of the rev counter  
indicates the maximum permitted engine speed for  
all gears after running-in and operating at service  
Before reaching the red zone, you should shift to  
the next higher gear, move the selector lever to  
the D/S position or lift your foot off the accelerator.  
Fig. 18 Fuel level indicator on the digital instrument  
panel, Pro version (representation is schematic).  
· When the engine is cold, avoid high engine  
speeds, subjecting it to great efforts and  
· To avoid engine damage, do not allow the  
rev counter needle stays in the red area of the  
scale for a long time.  
Upshifting early helps reduce fuel consumption  
and operating noise.  
Fig. 19 Fuel level indicator in the digital instrument  
cluster, Basic version (schematic representation).  
Problems and solutions  
Fuel tank almost empty  
The control indicator lights up yellow. The reserve  
fuel (red mark) is being used.  
1. Refuel as soon as you get the chance.  
When the control indicator lights up, the aux,iliary  
heater and the fuel-operated auxiliary heater are  
switched off automatically.  
Driver Information  
Engine coolant temperature  
If you are driving with too low a fuel level, the  
vehicle could stall in traffic; In addition, accidents  
and serious injuries could occur.  
Digital engine coolant  
temperature gauge  
· If the level in the fuel tank is too low, the fuel  
may reach the engine irregularly, especially  
when going up or down hills.  
· The steering and assistance systems for the  
driver and braking do not work if the engine  
runs irregularly or shuts down due to lack of  
fuel or irregular fuel supply.  
· To prevent the vehicle from stalling due to lack  
of fuel, refuel whenever there is only a quarter  
of fuel left in the tank.  
Never drain the tank completely. If the fuel supply is  
irregular, misfiring can occur and unburned fuel  
could reach the exhaust system.  
Fig. 20 Engine coolant temperature gauge in the  
digital instrument cluster, Pro version (schematic  
Presence of water in diesel  
The control indicator lights up yellow.  
1. Turn off the engine and go to a duly qualified  
specialized workshop. Volkswagen recommends  
a Volkswagen dealer.  
The small arrow on the fuel gauge next to  
the fuel dispenser symbol points to the side  
of the vehicle where the fuel filler cap is located.  
Fig. 21 Engine coolant temperature display in the  
digital instrument cluster, Basic version (schematic  
To cold zone. The engine has not yet reached  
operating temperature. Avoid high engine  
speeds and high loads on the engine until it  
has reached operating temperature.  
B Normal zone  
C Warning zone. If the engine is subjected  
under heavy stress, especially at high ambient  
temperatures, the pointer can move into the  
warning zone.  
5 N M 0 1 2 7 6 0 A J  
Engine coolant temperature gauge  

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